Faux Leather Sofa Slip Covers

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Are you looking for faux leather slip covers? Well I’ll show you some great options as well as discuss some of the features you want to be sure you have in a slip cover so you’re happy with the look, feel and care of the slip cover.

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Slip covers are a great way to update the look of your furniture without spending much money. Adding a slip cover is much cheaper than purchasing a new sofa obviously so if money is tight or you just want to inexpensively try out a new look you can do it easily with a slip cover.

There are a few things that you’ll want to consider when shopping for a sofa slip cover:

  • Number of pieces – Sofa slip covers typically come in either one or two piece varieties. The look Is somewhat different with a two piece versus a one piece as the second piece of the two piece is usually used to zip around the cushions on the sofa, essentially making them one large cushion. The second piece then stretches over the rest of the sofa. I actually prefer 2 piece as I think it allows a tighter, sleeker look.
  • Machine washable – Nothing can sour you on a slipcover faster than having to take it to the dry cleaners and seeing that big bill! Many great covers today are machine washable so you can just toss them in the washing machine and then air dry them and they look good as new! This is really great if you have kids or pets.
  • Matching or complementary pieces – If you have a furniture set that you may want to cover the rest of at some point be sure the slip cover you purchase for the sofa has complementary pieces that go with it for love seats or chairs. Mismatched slip covers may look good, but why take the chance?
  • Stretchy or not – Many of the older style slipcovers are meant to drape over the sofa which many of the new ones are meant to stretch over it. The stretch fit versions result in a much less messy look, but the drape-type ones can look great too depending on your needs. The stretch type stay in place with active kids or pets much better too so take that into consideration.

Overall, there are many slipcover options available and many can be purchased online much cheaper than in stores. I’ve highlighted a few options below for you to get started. Do your research and you should find the perfect faux leather sofa slip covers for your home!


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Faux Leather Sofa Slip Covers, Seekyt
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