Faux Wood Exterior Shutters

Are you looking for faux wood exterior shutters for your home? Well there are some factors to consider so you can be sure that you get a quality product for your home that will last for years and look great.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the features you want to look for in exterior shutters and highlight some great brands to check out.

There are many available options for fake wood shutters. There are various types of vinyl and other composite materials that work great and are low maintenance. Some of the features you want to understand when shopping for shutters:

  • Hollow or solid core – Hollow core shutters are typically cheaper than solid, but they are lighter and more susceptible to damage from extreme weather.
  • Paintable – Some composite shutters come pre-finished in many colors and others are paintable. If you think that you may want to change the color of your shutters at some point down the road you should go with paintable shutters.
  • UV resistant – The sun can definitely damage and fade shutters over time. UV resistant shutters hold their color and finish much better and for much longer.
  • Standard of custom size – Keep in mind that if you need shutters that are not standard size you will pay more. If you can use standard shutters, or “off the shelf”, you will save some money.
  • Storm shutters – Are you somewhere where you may need storm shutters? Be sure to take that into account when selecting your shutters as standard shutters will not provide the protection of storm shutters or hurricane shutters, obviously.
  • Decorative or functional – Do you need the shutters to be functional or are they just for decoration? Be sure to select the right shutters for your needs.

Overall, shutter technology has come a long way since they were all made of wood. You no longer have to worry about painting shutters if you don’t want to and they last for much longer than their wooden ancestors. Just be sure you understand what all your requirements are when shopping for faux wood exterior shutters and you should be more than happy with your purchase.