Favorite Korean drama snacks

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Every time I watch Korean drama and countless in my case, I always interested in their snacks. If you ever watched one of their drama, there must be a few or at least one scene of snacking time. The main actors used to eating out with their friends, families, or his /her love interest and this is a part of Korean culture promotional I think.

Here are five of my favorite Korean drama snacks :

1. Bung-eo-ppang: ???

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Favorite Korean drama snacks, SeekytIt’s a Korean fish-shaped bread with sweet red bean filling. I found myself craving of that street food. I can imagine eating ‘Bungeoppang’ in windy weather with hot coffee. All you need just all purpose flour, baking soda, salt, sugar and water for the dough. If you don’t like red beans, you can add chocolate paste or jam as filling.

I think I can make it myself at home using my plain waffle pan since I don’t have ‘Bungeoppang’ pan or fish-shaped pan.

2. Odeng-guk ??? or eomuk-guk ???

It’s a fish cake in anchovy soup. I can imagine the taste for we have the similar soup like that. If you have a chance to visit Indonesia, try ‘Tekwan’ soup from Palembang (South Sumatra), the fish cake in both soups have a similar taste.
The fish cake is made from chopped fish, prawns, squid, potato or corn starch, salt, sugar and pepper.

3. Kimbap ??

Or Korean sushi. It’s like Japanese sushi and quite popular in my country. The ingredients are easy to get in most Asian countries, like sushi rice, dried seaweed sheets, ‘daikon’ or pickled radish, eggs, and many more. I used to make some simple kimbap for my daughter’s lunch box at least twice a week.

4. Ppop-gi ??

It’s a traditional Korean sugar candy. I found that candy in many dramas, one of it was ‘My daughter Seo Yeong’. The candy is made from sugar and baking soda. You can use white or brown sugar. Basically it’s just a pressed melted sugar with baking soda. ‘Ppopgi’ is unique because it has many different patterns like stars, hearts, flowers, on top of the candy. Korean used to eat it around the design and try not to break the pattern.

5. Jipangi ice cream or Ji-pang-i aiseu keu-rim ??? ?????

It’s a stick-shaped puff corn filled with ice cream. Actually, my junior high friend bought the Jipangi ice cream licence and opened a stall in my home town. Now I can just drop by her food stall every time I visit my home town and grab a piece of Jipangi while chatting with her. So, Korean drama snacks are no longer far away for me.

Picture credit : Wikimedia commons/File:Korea-Pojangmacha-01.jpg

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Favorite Korean drama snacks, Seekyt
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