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FB login page is the official sign in page of Facebook social networking site that redirect you to a login page for their community website. FB loin and Facebook longi are the most popular searches performed on Google and Yahoo search engines to fid the original login page for Facebook.com. A question may raise in various minds that why some people are really searching for such a terms and why they do not go directly to www.facebook.com to access their account? There are several reasons behind this logic; I will point out the most common reasons in this share with my readers.

1- 70% of Facebook users are teenagers who regularly update their walls and communicate with their friends through the world biggest social media website, such a teenagers (including boys and girls) most using computers from their educational institutes and when ever they got some time from their assignments, they try to access their favorite social network Facebook from their computer labs, but the admin of mostly computer labs are also very clever and they block or ban of using Facebook in their labs by using some proxy tools and students start searching for MyFacebook login, FB login, etc on the Internet.

2- Some problems are facing by various job holders and guys who want to use free internet connections through an open Wi-Fi connection, you may find a lot of free WiFi access points in your area but mostly the owners of these Wi-Fi connections are disable Facebook browsing in their connections.

3- So many mobile users are trying to access or login on their FB accounts directly by browsing Facebook website through their mobile browsers and they got a login failure errors, do you know why? Because most of the mobile devices such as Android and Iphone need a separate Facebook app to connect on Facebook server, so without using such a social application you cannot login to your FB account directly through your mobile phone.

4- The forth reason is not very common, but this error must occurs twice in a year when Facebook server goes down and their worldwide users got a login error, like wrong password or id or try again, etc.

Hope you guys learn enough reasons behind the myth of Facebook login page, if you belongs to first three categories than you may use some proxy sites for a successful login, but also keep in mind that some of these proxy sites are fraud and they can capture your Facebook password or your personal information inside your FB account.