Fear and Phobias

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Fear is normal it can be a good motivation.
It could give a good direction.

you afraid of a situation or a place and you don’t want to go there.You have to choose the right way.It isn’t that hard to compare if you write it down.You afraid to go somewhere…or you afraid to tell your feelings to someone. You will see the difference between the 2 thing. Which fears are stronger. People can really make their life harder.We could afraid of the dark, of the water or public… Now we can talk about fobias. Fobia is an anxiety disorder.It’s a concrete fear of situation or a subject. Most of them not serious disorder but it can be really hard for the person who live with a fobia and his/her family.

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For example agrofobia:
Fear from the public ,unfamilliar place or traffic.Places where they can not escape if they have panic attack

Claustrophobia is really common:
anywhere from 5-7% of the world population effected by by claustrophobia.Fear from being closed in small spaces like Elevator…

Social fobia:
Fear of social events,like parties,meeting new people, affraid from crowd or associations.

Did you know that 30% of the people start the action without asking for any help?
Out of 100 person 8 have got some kind of fobia in their lifetime.
You have to look forward to your fears. If you affraid from elevator first you just have to go up one floor…

What can we do with a panic attack?
-Have a long deep breath and try to get relaxed, big inhalation and slow exhalation.
-Calm down and try to understand there’s nothing wrong.
-Don’t find the answer or why it happend just say ‘Everything will be allright ‘
-Try to stop the negative fantasy
-Talk about something else if it’s possible it should be something positive
-understand that what you feel is totally normal

Most peolple afriad of the new of the change but you have to fight with your fears!

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Fear and Phobias, Seekyt
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