Fear…. It's a weapon.

Have you ever been scared? Yes it’s THE answer.But have you ever notice that it’s the most defensive as well as leading power inside your body.Just imagine a tiny situation that you have earned pride.For an example A fight between you and another guy.Did you ever wish for a such a situation? May be no then how did you get through that it’s cause of your FEAR. You may say that No it’s not fear it’s anger. No it’s not anger. Imagine when someone coming on your way to hurt you, is it anger which is rising through your mind?? No it’s Fear that’s impression which leads you to the aggressive mentality.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘ FEAR IS A LUXURY’ Yes or No it’s the truth. Have you ever thought of your life so far? Just try to recall the special memories which you had in your life. The 1st day of your school, Loving a girl/boy for the 1st time in your life, Facing an important exam in your life. You won all those things cause of fear. Just think of your self when you 1st met your dream girl in your life. How many questions did you had from your mind? like, isn’t she beautiful? Am I okay with my dress? Will she love me? Does she has a boyfriend? What’s her name? Will she talk with me?…These all things were given out on you by the expression which calls FEAR.. The fear gives a solution for each and every question, Yes she’s beautiful, I think I’m okay with it, Yes she looks me in the eye…. Like wise every question or a challenge in your life that you gone through it’s because of FEAR. Scientists. Engineers whom ever it is they had fear with them. Every single human has an special ability which is always bonded with fear. Since your birth for this moment almost everything in your life is running with fear, even before you sleep you think whether will you be able to get up on time for work or school. Even you don’t feel it directly on your mind it affects on you.

So don’t make your self weak because of fear try to make it your secret weapon.