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Featured Flickr Photographer: Elizabeth Haslam

How do you overcome writer’s block?

Is it something that is easily rid of or is it something that requires imagination and creativity to get over with?

Here’s how I get over writer’s block, I pick out photographs from Flickr and usually tie them up with whatever emotion I can dig up from my life. Take for example Elizabeth Haslam’s photostream on Flickr entitled, “sometimes life is just about simple things – like a tongue”.

I like this particular shot because the details are crisp and clean. I love the way the ape’s tongue stood out because it plays a focal role in my future posts about thoughts, restraint, engagement, communication, etc. I would say it’s a little playful in a sense because you seldom see a gorilla holding its tongue out and play with it. This behavior is more likely to be of a chimp. Most of Elizabeth’s photo streams are about people, places, wild-life, fauna, landscapes, structures, and relics. You will see more of here photographs in future articles.

She shot this with a Nikon D7000 (70.0-200.0mm, f/2.8) using the following settings:

Aperture, f/7.1
Focal length, 140.0mm
Exposure time, 1/200
ISO, 500
Flash, ON did not fire
Exposure program, manual
X/Y Resolution, 240dpi

To be honest the only things I am familiar with here are ISO, Exposure, and Resolution. The other technical aspects of her camera are vague to me. Perhaps in my spare time I can devote some reading about photography and the relevance of these specifications to the quality of photographs it comes up with. For now I have to contend myself with keeping them in mind.

By the way, most of her photo streams are licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.0, which means they can be downloaded provided you attribute them properly and DO NOT use them for commercial purposes.

Next time you feel stuck writing your next content, take a quick stroll on Flickr and see if you can find inspiration. It only takes a keen eye and patience to pick the best inspiration for your next article.

Another alternative to Flickr is Flickr Storm. All photographs on Flickr Storm are licensed under creative commons.

Photo Credits:
Sometimes life is just about simple things–like a tongue by Elizabeth Haslam on Flickr is under Creative Commons License CC BY-NC 2.0

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