Features of a Great Medela Breast Pump

A great breast pump is very vital when it comes to breastfeeding. Always make sure that you check a breast pump properly before you decide to purchase it. The features of a pump will tell you whether it is the right one for you or not.

There are very many people out there who are designing breast pumps with the growing demand of the product. Most modern mothers are fond of using the pumps to feed their children and also as a way of ensuring that the baby always has milk no matter where the mother might be. For a Medela breast pump to qualify as one that you can comfortably use, you need to make sure it has good features. These features determine the functionality of a breast pump and how effective it will be when you are using it. There are many different features available and it is up to you to find the ones that you think work great for you. The breasts of one woman are very different from those of another, some have very sensitive nipples that could turn sore when pumped for milk once while others take a longer period, and there are even those that do not get sore at all. Some of the feature to look for in a Medela breast pump include the following:

• Adjustable Controls

When you are looking for the best breast pumps you need to understand about the milk flow form our breasts. If you have lots of milk that is even pouring out when you are not pumping or suckling, you will need a breast pump that has controls for increasing or decreasing the flow of milk. These controls are a very important part of the Medela breast pumps and they will give you the freedom of pumping however you feel comfortable. Being able to control the speed of the pumping alsogives you the ability to save time when you are in a hurry or running late for a specific engagement.

• Storage Bag/Bottle

You will not always be around whenever your child is feeling hungry and he or she needs to drinksome milk. The fact that the Medela breast pumps come with storage bags is very convenient for both you and your child. With these bags you will be able to pump milk and save some for your child’s later consumption. This will be very helpful for the mere fact that you can still go to work and not worry about your child consuming unhealthy food stuff or fluids.

• Adjustable Vacuum

The suction of the pumps can be brutal to some women’s nipples and it is therefore very important to have a way of reducing this. When you purchase Medela pumps, they will come with an adjustable vacuum that will make it possible for you to control the pressure with which the pump sucks the milk out. The pumps might cost you extra in terms of money, but they are well worth it if you check the benefits and features that they come with.

Breast pumping is not a new thing in the market but it has grown more popular with time. When you are shopping for medela breast pumps, you should focus on the benefits that they will provide you with and not the price that you will get them for.