Features of iHome iHM 60 GT 3.5mm aux portable speakers

Do you herad about iHome iHM 60 GT 3.5mm aux portable speakers? iHome iHM 60GT speakers are very small speaker which can be easily used in laptops, desktops, mp3 players etc. This article deals with the features of iHome IHM 60GT speakers and also contains the pros and cons of iHome speakers as compared to the other speakers like X-mini II capsule speaker, Logitech s 150 speaker etc.iHome iHM 60 GT 3.5mm aux portable speaker

First we have to go through the iHome IHM 60Gt 3.5mm aux portable speaker descriptions. It is a grey color speaker which is produced by the brand name called iHOME. It has a dimension of 8 x 5 x 2 inches and having very low price ($19.90). It also has rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon and having many customer reviews. The customer reviews indicates that there are more number of people uses this speaker and they write positive reviews about iHome IHM 60 GT 3.5 mm aux portable speakers.

iHome iHM 60GT speaker is a very small speaker as compared to X mini II capsule speaker and it is very compact. iHome iHM 60GT speakers works well with any 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is highly suitable for laptops and other music players like MP3 players, iPods etc.

One of the main features of this small speaker is that louder sound with amazing bass. iHome speakers also have nice sound quality with the louder sound which enhances the entertainment effect in surrounding environment. It is a portable speaker which uses the battery powered sources for the working. It has rechargeable batteries which are made of Lithium battery. iHome batteries are long lasting and which helps to enhance the performance of iHome speaker and gives a good battery backup during continous working of iHome speakers.

Another cool feature of iHome iHM 60 GT speakers are collapsibility of the speaker. It means that iHome iHM 60 GT can be used as either single speaker or stereo speaker. Twisting the speaker to expand or contract. The twisting determines the whether the channel or audio output is mono or stereo. iHome iHM 60 GT speakers can connect to computer via USB cable to recharging purpose. iHome 60Gt speaker is very small speaker with amazing sound quality and bass which is very suitable for listening music or movies. It also contains carrying case which gives the safe portability of iHome 60GT speakers.
iHome iHM 60 GT speakers have no built-in speaker cable and having less polished surface. Less polished surface reduces the looks of iHome speaker. It doesn’t have any volume control in the body of the speaker and it is larger than X mini II capsule speaker. These are the cons of iHome iHm 60GT speaker.

Let’s see the pros and cons of iHome iHM 60Gt 3.5mm aux portable speakers are,

  • It have very good quality in sound
  • It is capable to produce high volume with good bass
  • It is perfect speaker for Watching movies
  • Good battery backup
  • It is small speaker and compact
  • Very low cost as compared to X-mini II capsule speaker
  • It having nice carrying case
  • It is portable in nature
  • It works in any 3.5 mm headphone jack


  • It doesn’t have any volume control in speaker body
  • It is larger than X mini II capsule speaker
  • It have less polished surface
  • There is no built in speaker cable