Features of ION Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker System


Do you heard about ION Tailgater Bluetooth portable speaker? Ion tailgater Bluetooth speaker is simply amazing. It is one of the best wireless portable speaker which provides high quality music experience with good bass. Ion tailgater is very durable speaker as compared to previous versions.

Wireless technology, say Bluetooth used in the Tailgater allows wide support of Bluetooth devices for listening music with high quality sound. ION Tailgater Bluetooth portable speaker system also includes high quality microphone. It also contains built in AM/FM radio and antenna which re-traceable in nature.

Another cool feature of ION tailgater portable speaker system is that long life rechargeable battery. The pack of ION tailgater speaker includes ION Tailgater Bluetooth, Microphone with cable, Power cable, Audio cable with 3.5mm connector, Safety and warranty manual etc.

Let’s take a look at all of the portable speaker features.

  • Tailgater can generate powerful compact sound which is suited for party music, watching movies etc.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology allows to stream music wireless up to 50 feet
  • High compatibility with music devices like iPad, iPod, iPhone, smartphones and more
  • Long life rechargeable battery up to 50 hours
  • High quality microphone for audio input
  • Built-in AM/FM radio with re-traceable antenna
  • USB port for charging your iPad, iPod etc
  • 3.5 mm audio cable connector
  • Heavy duty construction with handles for easy transport
  • Perfect speaker for any environment say indoor, outdoor etc.
  • Built-in cradle for your iPad, iPod, smartphones etc

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Depth Review

ION tailgater Bluetooth portable speaker system is one of the best portable speaker which can generate powerful compact sound. High quality compact sound gives more good music experience with good bass. It is a perfect speaker for party music, watching movies etc. Design of ION tailgater Bluetooth is a good looking speaker with medium size. The portability of Tailgater Bluetooth is enabled by side handles for heavy duty construction. Price of speaker is best suited for its features and low as compared to other high featured portable speakers. Durability is also high.

IOn Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker SystemAnother cool feature is wireless technology of ION Tailgater Bluetooth Speaker. Bluetooth technology with wide range up to 50 feet is use in tailgater Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth feature makes high compatibility with music devices which contains Bluetooth connectivity. We can also stream music wirelessly using this feature and enables to high quality sound transferring. It supports devices like iPad, ipod, iphone, smartphones and other android devices. It also enables to listening and searching your favorite channel with AM/FM radio.

Rechargeable battery is an important feature. Built-in rechargeable battery has very long life up to 50 hours of cordless sound. It also contain charge indicator. USB port allows to charging your devices like iPads, iPods, and smartphones. Audio cable with 3.5 mm connector enables to listen music with other devices which do not contain Bluetooth connectivity.

ION Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker SystemPros

  • Medium size speaker with high quality sound
  • Highly durable
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long life rechargeable battery
  • Simple to operate and built in AM/FM radio
  • Allows microphone connection

Overall, ION tailgater Bluetooth portable speaker system is simple speaker which generate powerful compact sound. It is very suitable for a person who loves party music, watching movies etc.

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