Features of JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Do you know about JBL flip wireless Bluetooth speakers? JBL flip wireless Bluetooth speaker is a compact speaker which can be used in laptops, smartphones, tablets, and devices having wireless connectivity like bluetooth. JBL flip speaker is one of the best speaker in portable speaker category which can produce louder sound with good bass. JBL flip wireless bluetooth speaker contains many features which enhances the speaker quality and performance. This article deals with the important features, pros and cons of JBL flip wireless speaker.

JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL flip wireless bluetooth speakers are one of the best portable speakers which can produce high quality, louder sound with good amount bass. JBL flip speakers have good rating in Amazon, 4.6 out of 5 stars and have a very good amount of customer reviews also. This speaker is developed by JBL Company which is one of the best speaker brands in the world. We all know about the JBL sound. JBL flip is black in color and good looking speaker. JBL also shows their product quality through the JBL flip speaker.

Let’s see some features of JBL flip wireless bluetooth speaker.

1. Bluetooth Connectivity technology

JBL flip speaker enables the wireless connectivity through the bluetooth technology. This feature helps to connect the music devices which are equipped with bluetooth connectivity. It streams the music from the portable devices ( Tablets, laptops, I phone etc) by using this feature.

2. Built Bass Port

Built bass port in JBL speaker can produce good amount bass with the louder sound. We know that most of portable speakers experience problems in the production of bass sound. But JBL flip is free from such problems because of the built bass port feature.

JBL Flip Speaker

3. Digital signal processing

We know that JBL flip speakers are very good in producing great sound with bass. The digital processing unit in the speaker helps to produce high quality sound. Digital processing unit in JBL flip process the input signal digitally and generates louder sound with great bass.

4. Built in microphone and call-answer button

JBL flip wireless speaker contains microphone and call switch button which enables to attend phone calls without your mobile phone. Microphone enables to answering your call and call button helps to talk or leave the phone calls. This feature makes the JBL flip bluetooth speaker from other portable speakers.

5. Li-ion Rechargble Battery

JBL flip contains built in battery which is rechargble in nature. Battery is made of Li-ion which provides 5 hour playback time. Li-ion battery is one of the efficient battery which saves both money and power.

6. Versatile and portable design

JBL flip speaker is versatile in nature. That means, it can be easily place either vertical or horizontal position and also place it in various positions for playing music. It is having a very compact and JBL Flip Speakerportable design. It fits in back pack, so it can be carried along with us.


Compact, versatile and portable design

High quality sound with bass

Wireless connectivity technology- Bluetooth

Call button and built in microphone


It doesn’t have any USB connectivity

High cost ($125)

JBL Flip Wireless speaker is one of the best speaker in portable speakers with a lot of pros. So, it is one of the nice choice. Click here to by JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker black