Features of Logitech Stereo Speaker Z120 USB Powered Computer Speakers

Do you hear about Logitech stereo speaker z120? Logitech stereo speaker z120 is one of the best looking speakers in Logitech series. Logitech z120 stereo speaker has many features with good rating and also have many customer reviews with it. It has 4.2 stars out of 5 stars and around 145 customer reviews in Amazon. Customer reviews indicates that people uses the Logitech stereo speaker z120 and they writes about speaker pros and cons. It is a low cost Logitech speaker around $18. The color of Logitech z20 is black/white.

Logitech stereo speaker z120 is a nice looking speaker. It has great sound quality with amazing bass. Its main attractive feature is that the simplified sound quality of Logitech stereo speaker z120. Logitech z120 speaker have wired connectivity technology. It is a USB powered stereo speaker. USB connection allows plugging with your laptops and net books very easily. It is one of the recommended speakers for your PC/laptops/netbook etc. It is one of the best speakers for seeing movies or listening music etc.

Another cool feature of Logitech stereo speaker z120 that integrated cable management system. Cable management system enables to manage the speaker wire in the back of the speaker. It helps to best usage of the speaker wire. USB powered audio helps to works with PC, Mac and iPods/music players.

The 3.5 mm input feature helps to connect easy with the music player or iPods etc. It also contains power and volume controls in the speaker body. The control buttons enables easy control of volume and power of the Logitech z120 speakers. It is small speaker with good and clear sound. The size of the Logitech stereo speaker z120 is very small around 7 x 4.6 x 4.8 inches.

Let’s brief the features of Logitech stereo speaker z120 are,

  • It have very good and clear sound It is a nice looking, small speaker
  • It is a low cost speaker Integrated cable management system with retracble cord USB powered speaker
  • It have 3.5 mm input jack helps to connect with music player/ iPods etc
  • It well works with PC/Mac

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