News Features of Photo ID Badges

Features of Photo ID Badges


When it comes to improving the overall quality of security inside of your facility, nothing is better than giving each employee their own photo ID badges. Of course, simply having a picture is not going to improve the security clearance and features of the building. That is why you need to look at incorporating the photo ID badges with some of these different options, all of which are designed to make your building that much more secure from outside individuals gaining access when they shouldn’t.

Features of Photo ID Badges

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Proximity Cards

This is a nice feature as you do not need to have security guards present for it to work. The proximity cards add extra security elements to the card, without drastically increasing the price. At different security check points, you can have a card reader placed by a door, which in turn controls the locking application of the door. When a card is placed within a short proximity of the reader, the door unlocks, as long as it recognizes the code display on the card. It does not use a barcode or other element, which can be easily scratched and distorted after repeated use. Plus, you can implement a variation of ranges and styles for the card and reader, so it might actually be possible to have the door unlock without actually pulling the card out of a neck holster.


The PVC ID card is a desirable card that has a tracking and data entry feature built right in. This way, whenever someone uses the card it goes into the network connected to the security check points. This allows you to monitor where employees go and what rooms they access, which can be important if there is ever a problem with the network or office in general and you need to know who accessed a terminal or checkpoint last. You can also incorporate it into your clock in/out aspect of the office. Having the PVC ID card connected to the clock in/out of your office prevents anyone else from punching in for other employees who have not arrived yet, which in turn reduces any sort of time theft you might have a problem with in the office.

Features of Photo ID Badges

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Simple Picture ID Cards

Of course, you might not need all of the added features of photo ID badges. When you want a simple card to read, there are all sorts of options available. You can have cards printed through an inkjet printer, which allows you to update and produce the cards yourself. This kind of feature is helpful if you have a large number of new employes coming and going on a regular basis and sending out for new cards is not always the best option. You can also have laminated ID cards with photo ID, which can protect the card from scratches and make sure the employee’s ID card is built to last. With a standard photo ID card, a security guard is able to check the image on the card against the person using the card. If you feel more comfortable having a security card check the image on the card instead of the digital scanning elements, this is the way to go.

Improving security of your business is very important, especially if you have a large number of individuals coming in and out of the office. You want to protect your employees and the equipment and information you have on the inside of the building, so implementing photo ID badges is a smart way to go. You just need to decide which kind of photo ID badges work best.

Features of Photo ID Badges
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