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Features & Specifications of 4WD Vehicles and 4×4 Vehicles

4X4 or four cross four and 4WD or four wheel drive vehicles are popular amongst adventure sports enthusiasts and drivers who love superior traction. These vehicles allow the rider to enjoy complete control over the vehicle’s manoeuvre while driving.

Features and Specifications of 4WD vehicles and 4x4 Vehicles

Features of 4WD vehicles and 4×4 Vehicles:

The best feature of 4×4 and 4WD vehicles is that they offer power to all the four wheels; this helps in reducing slippage. Besides both these vehicles are suitable for driving during bad weather conditions (such as rainy, snowy and icy conditions); they also make awesome off-roading vehicles that can easily play on a slippery or bumpy surface.

Most four-wheel drive trucks and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) allow off-road driving on muddy patches, rocky stretches, dirt trails as well as through streams; they are also used for driving on uphill terrains such as steep slopes because they have a very high traction. Both these types of vehicles are equipped with differentials for the distribution of torque to every wheel while turning; this helps to prevent slippage and loss of control while manoeuvring through curves.

Specifications of 4WD vehicles and 4×4 Vehicles:

Here are a few subtle specifications of both 4 wheeler vehicles and 4X4 vehicles:

  • In a four cross four vehicle, there are four wheels which are all equally powered. So 4×4 vehicles can be also called 4WD vehicles. But all 4 wheeler cars cannot be called 4X4 vehicles. For example a 6 wheeler truck can be converted into 4WD mode by powering up 4 wheels out of all wheels (6×4).
  • 4WD vehicles differ from all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles because in an AWD vehicle, power is distributed to front and rear wheels in various proportions via a differential. But a 4WD has a power distribution to the front and back wheels equally at all times.
  • Military, utility and rally vehicles have the design of a 4×4 4 wheeler vehicle because of the powerful mechanism of the wheels.

About 4×4 Wagons and 2WD 4 Wheelers:

A 4×4 vehicle, available as basic and rugged to luxury station wagons, can be termed as family cars that render light delivery. The rugged models can haul cargo better than 2WD 4 wheelers. Besides these wagons are not trucks as they cannot be used for off-road driving. But these vehicles are better performers than two-wheel drive vehicles in all types of conditions. With a 4×4 wagon, it is also easy to handle slippery roads. But this vehicle is not suited for muddy trails, forest tracks and dirt roads; in such a case, all-wheel drive vehicles must be used. They perform better in curvy off road trails.

Besides 4X4 wagons & 4X4 vehicles, SUVs, trucks or even some latest youth specific quad ATVs like the Polaris Phoenix 200 in India, are also powerful performers. They have a 4WD design that can conquer rocky trails, cross over streams, bumpy patches and watery ditches. Such trucks also offer maximum cargo capacity; so they are used for hauling heavy machinery and building supplies. So one can say that rugged built of trucks, 4WD vehicles, and 4X4 vehicles are the reason why they can ply efficiently on rocky terrain.

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