Federal Low Income Student Loans

Federal low income student loans are available for the student who has the zeal to learn yet does not have the funds to put themselves through the education system. Federal student’s loans are available from the government through agencies who work closely with the government. The level of income of any citizen in the United States of America should not be a benchmark for preventing a person from going for the specific education that they desire.

There are free student loans that are available to the needy student unable to service a commercially lent loan. Many colleges and schools also offer one type or another of government assisted financial facility program in order to put as many students as possible through education, especially those who cannot afford the education. The financial assistance programs one can apply for help supplement the entire cost of college tuition. The student has to prove that he or she cannot afford to pay their education fees because they have low incomes. Applications by eligible students can be made through the college or through the internet.

List of Programs

Pell Grants are funds put aside by the government to assist students who have low incomes. Together with other charitable organizations, the government offers funds to deserving students to pay for their college education. Pell Grants are only available to undergraduate students. The students should not have earned another under graduate degree or any professional qualification. Because it is a grant, no repayment is expected after the student uses the funds given to them.

Another free loan facility offered to deserving students with low income figures is the FSEOG or the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. This fund is available to the student who is in dire financial trouble. The grant is given to the family that cannot financially assist their post secondary education member. Information regarding this grant is available from the many participating institutions. As this is a grant, loaning of the funds is purely on a no repayment basis. The Academic Competitiveness Grant is another loan facility that is given to low income students. Another grant not needing repayment, this grant is given only to US citizens and must be a full time student.

Another loan that is a loan and not a grant is the Stafford Loan. The facility does not consider whether the student has credit or no credit at all. This is a federal student loan facility that is highly subsidized. Another loan facility is the Perkins Loan. This is a credit free college based financial aid facility that requires the student to show that they are in great financial need. Loans range from one thousand to four thousand dollars and a repayment grace period of nine months.


No student needing education should stay away from going to college because they cannot afford college fees. Federal low income student loans offer no fine print surprises and one can rest assured that what they are given is exactly what they get.