Feedly App…A Substitute For Google Reader!

Google Reader is now shutting down due to certain reasons. There are many other apps which can be used after Google reader. Feedly app is one of these apps. It is like a substitute for Google reader. This app is used for reading newspapers and magazines. It is an old app. it was firstly accessible for IOS operating system. Owing to its popularity and Google reader closing it is now offered for the android devices. Feedly app is available in the app store for free. it is optimized for the jellybean version. Feedly app is an ultimate app for reading.

If you love reading, then you should download Feedly at once. The interface is very easy to understand. The articles are very clear and visible. You can zoom in the article to change the font. The pictures are very clear and easy to view. It is closer to a web browser but it is more like a news aggregator. Feedly app is an ultimate app for knowledge and creativity. You can find the world news from Feedly. Google is the market leader and it had millions of users. So after Google reader Feedly app is the most appropriate option. It has more understanding. Feedly app has larger amount of knowledge and great UI interface.

The homepage displays all top headlines for the articles. Then if you will check the lists it has different categories like entertainment, cooking, business, politics and many more. Along with this it has saved articles, most read and latest articles. It has the option to save the articles for latter or you can save your favorite ones. The interface is filled with cover pictures of articles and magazines. The lists have so many colors. This makes it more attractive. Feedly app is fun to use and provides but load of information in just a second. It has a search bar too. If you can’t find from the categories you can always search it.

The articles are easy to read and have the save option. I use feedly a lot. I am very fond of reading so I am always looking for something interesting and exciting. I am a regular user of feedly whether I am at home after work or during my breakfast I read all latest news from it. You can use feedly anywhere you want. It connects with wireless internet for all updates and articles. But if you are at a place where you cannot connect with internet then you can read all saved articles. In this you can enjoy feedly even when you are offline.

Feedly app is all about magazines, news, and articles on cooking, entertainment, business, politics, jokes and many more. These articles can be read from the display or can be saved for later. It connects with WI-FI for updates. The interface is clear and colorful. In order to give a beautiful and exciting experience to user Feedly app has many pictures and funny quotes. This makes a reading app very attractive and hard to resist.

Feedly can be run on different platforms like Google Nexus 4, iOS, Blackberry, Android version etc.

Farwa Omair is writer of this article. She is working for web design utah companies.