Feeling Lethargic? You May Think You Need a Testosterone Supplement

From the moment we are born, to the moment we die, our bodies undergo changes. These changes start out on a chemical or hormonal level, and then manifest themselves as outward appearances. For example, when a young man goes through puberty, his body begins to produce more testosterone. This boost in testosterone levels leads to growth of facial and body hair, increasing muscle mass, deepening voice, and an increased sex drive. After that same individual hits about 40 years old, his testosterone levels begin to decline. One symptom of declining testosterone levels is a lack of energy.

Testosterone Supplements

You may have seen the commercials lately. They advertise testosterone supplements and show how you can be happy and active with your family even though you have “low or no T.” These commercials are rather misleading.

First, there is no set standard for levels of testosterone. The levels one person experiences may be drastically high or low for another. It varies that much between individuals. So when a person is tested, and the doctor says he has low testosterone levels, it is almost entirely based on what the doctor thinks is a good level.

Second, testosterone levels decrease for everyone after a certain age. It is called a sign of aging. As humans grow older, many lose their hair, lose muscle mass, become fatigued more easily, and have a decline in their sex drive. There is nothing abnormal about it, and what needs to happen is change the lifestyle, not the hormones.

Third, using testosterone supplements increases a man’s risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, or death. There have been multiple studies done over the years that show these supplements are not safe. So no matter how happy the actor on the commercial appears, the bottom line is his insides are in turmoil over the sudden influx of hormones that really should not be there.

A Safer Alternative

If you are feeling lethargic, and you think it is due to low testosterone levels, there is a safer way to get your levels back up (and cheaper too, testosterone supplements run about $400 per month). Instead of using a dangerous drug, change your eating habits. There are plenty of foods out there that will naturally increase testosterone (eggs and black pepper are two easy ones). Make sure you are eating healthy and staying active, and you will notice quickly that you feel much better.

Have You Used Testosterone Supplements?

If you have used testosterone supplements, and you have suffered from one of these side effects, you may be able to file a testosterone lawsuit. You are suffering at the hands of a major drug company that failed to warn you about the dangers of using their drug. Contact a dangerous drug attorney today to schedule your free consultation, and to find out your next course of action.