Feeling Sick Soon? Here’s some Preventive Measures to be taken!

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Feeling irritated about that throat of yours? Fear of getting sick soon? Do not worry, there are a lot of ways to prevent it from getting worst! The first symptom of getting sick is either through sore throat, cough or flu. After having one of these nightmares, it will surely follow by those two which haven’t “arrive” YET. These three “sibings” of sickness are related to each other because our mouth and nose are connected but not literally connected that you can use your nose to eat or drink! Therefore, when one of these organs fall sick, the other are most likely to get the sickness too. Over the years, these sickness can be prevented by a lot of ways but problem is that most of the articles online that provided all the steps and tips are after you’re being infected. Fortunately, there are still ways for those who can prevent it after feeling the sensation of those sickness kicking in, here are some tips which can help you:

  1. MAKE A WARM HONEY LEMON JUICE.Feeling Sick Soon? Here’s some Preventive Measures to be taken!, Seekyt
  • Quickly go to the kitchen and heat some water up! Add one and a half spoonful of honey and squeeze half lemon into a cup, then mix it with the warm water and drink it slowly! Honey lemon could help soothe your sore throat and cleanse your internal system. Furthermore, honeyhas natural antibacterial properties and acts as a hypertonic osmotic which could help to absorb out most of the water that is in the inflammation throat. Moreover, honey is also proven to be one of the food that could help to suppress your cough. Besides, honey and lemon is one of the best natural remedy that you wouldn’t have to be worry about. Plus, you could get these two things in a decent amount of money!
  1. TAKE A NICE WARM BATH.Feeling Sick Soon? Here’s some Preventive Measures to be taken!, Seekyt
  • Having a warm bath could help in both sore throat and flu as well. A warm bath produces steam that could help to provide moisture to the dryness of throat that causes pain and uneasiness when u breathe. Besides, the warmth steamy moisture could also open up the block nose that you’re having. Moreover, taking a warm bath would brighten up your mood too and also helps you to relax for a while!
  1. DRINK MEDICAL EXPECTORANT THAT IS MADE FROM HERB.Feeling Sick Soon? Here’s some Preventive Measures to be taken!, Seekyt
  • Nowadays, expectorant does not only made from medical substance or any drugs that could harm your body if you take it too much. Instead, the herb type expectorant is made available within this modern world. One of the famous herb expectorant in my hometown that could help in the starting of cough is made by a company called “Hurix” from Malaysia. It is completely made from 100% herbs medicine. Besides, you could get these medicines from any local pharmacy store with a reasonable price and consume it quickly before the sickness starts to worsen!
  1. HAVE A FEW LOZENGES.Feeling Sick Soon? Here’s some Preventive Measures to be taken!, Seekyt
  • Lozenges are proven to be effective in curing and soothing your sore throat and cough! Most of them would have instructions and directions on when and how many to consume within a day. Follow those instructions and you will dispel off those diseases before they get a chance to infect you! Such popular and effective lozenges are Strepsils. Their sweets are contain enough amount of medicine that could heal you faster. It is more effective to take it when you’re FEELING sick, not when you ARE
  1. SWEAT IT ALL OUT.Feeling Sick Soon? Here’s some Preventive Measures to be taken!, Seekyt
  • Sweating is actually good for you when you’re feeling ill because it helps to remove those toxin inside your body through your sweat pores. Besides, sweating also helps to relief your body temperature when you’re feeling hot and uneasy.
  1. GARGLE WITH SALT WATER.Feeling Sick Soon? Here’s some Preventive Measures to be taken!, Seekyt
  • The moment you feel like there’s itchiness or pain in your throat, it is mostly the sign of a sore throat starting soon and gargling with salt water would help to cure it. Salt water has proven to kill most of the bacteria that is “camping” in your throat and causing more inflammation. Besides gargling, you could also make a couple of less salt water to consume it. Not only does it helps on your throat but it could help to get rid of the heatiness in your body too!
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These are some of the tips and steps you could take as a preventive measures from the three “siblings” diseases that could infect you to be worse than it already has! As always, “prevention is better than cure”


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Feeling Sick Soon? Here’s some Preventive Measures to be taken!, Seekyt
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