Feeling Tired? Hair Falling Out? Low Sex Drive? You May be Getting Older

Every year millions of men in the US feel the signs of getting older. They start to lose their hair, muscle mass decreases, and they notice they get tired easier and have less of a sexual appetite. Fearing that something may be wrong with them, they visit with their doctor about what is going on. The result is that millions of men are prescribed a medication that is not necessary, and could end up hurting them in the long run.

How Testosterone Affects the Body

As a male ages, the hormone levels in his body change dramatically. As a teen his testosterone levels skyrocket and he grows body hair, his voice deepens, and he grows muscles (among a host of other physical changes). These testosterone levels tend to plateau in his thirties, and sometime in the 40’s or 50’s they begin to drop. These are all completely natural signs for aging in men.

But as American’s we have this fear of getting older. So we fight the natural signs of aging however we can.

Testosterone Supplements

There is an old way that many athletes over the years have used to enhance their performance. Weeks before a big game or meet, they will take a pint or two of blood out of their bodies. The body recovers and grows new red blood cells. Shortly before the competition, the athletes put the blood back into their bodies dramatically increasing their red blood cell count. The result is that more oxygen is transported throughout the body, and they have greater stamina.

Taking a testosterone supplement drug has a similar effect. These drugs cause the body to produce extra red blood cells. The result is a more vibrant, more energetic individual. The problem is that your body has the ideal number of red blood cells. More cells can cause “traffic jams” in your blood stream.

Side Effects of Testosterone Supplements

Because the blood moves a little slower when it has more red blood cells, there is a tendency for blood clots to form. Now normally a blood clot is no big deal. The clots help to surround a damaged area of a vessel and naturally dissolve and wash away as they are no longer needed. However, slower moving blood means these clots don’t dissipate as they should. Instead they can become dislodged and lead to a heart attack, stroke, or even death.

Stop Taking Testosterone Drugs

The bottom line is that everyone gets older. If you don’t like the way you feel, you probably need to change your lifestyle (eat better and get more exercise) instead of trying to solve the problem with prescription drugs that could end up killing you. Testosterone supplements are not safe for anyone to use, and most people that use them don’t have low testosterone to begin with.