News Fencing is a Great Way to Exercise

Fencing is a Great Way to Exercise


Sport Fencing is a wonderful way to exercise your mind and body. Fencing is done in bouts. In a bout two players fence on a long strip. A bout can be vigorous. It can be like running a sprint. During practice or a tournament a fencer will have many bouts. This provides a great cardiovascular workout. The various moves that make up a great defense or offense also give your muscles a way to strengthen. Since it is a weight bearing exercise your bones will get stronger, too.

You should join a club where they teach the proper way to fence. There you will learn great stretching exercises that target the muscles used in fencing. Another benefit of joining a club is the variety of fencing partners you will find there. This makes the sport fun and exciting. Trying out your strategies and skill against a number of different people will make you well rounded and give you a mental challenge. Since fencing clubs have regular meetings, you can exercise regularly. The comraderee will have you coming back to practice regularly.

Fencing is great for your mental health, too. You can relieve stress in a safe, legal way. When you pick up your weapon, you can feel the stress start to melt away. The game is mental so it will take your mind off the day you’ve had. Socializing with the other fencers will give you a sense of belonging to a larger group.

Fencing is an all around great way to exercise. It strengthens the heart and lungs while improving stamina and general muscle tone. As an aerobic exercise it is a great way to burn calories and help you control your weight. Participation in fencing can be a rewarding, healthy experience both physically and mentally.

The game of fencing is like playing a game of chess. For each attack there is a way to defend yourself. Planning multiple attacks while keeping a solid defense is mentally challenging. Learning and analyzing an opponents strategies requires concentration. Fencing is a fantastic sport.

Fencing is a Great Way to Exercise
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