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Fenesta Window Features And Installation

The fact that Fenesta is India’ s largest UPVC doors and windows manufacturer is a well-known one. In keeping with this designation, they have worked very hard to provide the customer with a product range that is highly customizable and with features that are versatile and extremely functional.

Things that have been covered under this set of features include:

-Colors and Finish
-Glass Options

Talking a little bit about these individual features, let’s say handles and locks, the consumer has the choice of picking exactly the kind of locks that they want for both either a sliding window or a casement one. All locking systems are multi-point and provide air tight sealing and security. Additional features of the locking systems include beautiful designs, several colors, steel bolt and the size option to fit any kind of frame.

Similarly, if we talk about glass, the customizable options are many giving the customer the exact glass option that they would like in the window system. In making the choice easier, Fenesta have provided the information clearly on the basis of various types of glass containing individual features such as sound insulation, heat insulation, light as well as safety.

The idea really is to provide the customer with as much information as well as many options to choose from so that they can make the right choice. First up, there is ample information provided on the website and in addition to that the customer service staff is available to take all queries.

Even when it comes to the installation process the company has tried to make the process as painless for the clients as possible. Following extremely modern construction practices, the team at Fenesta is well aware of the critical aspect of timely installation and the aim is to eliminate delays completely. Also, the standard of installation is high as in order to make sure that the product delivers optimal performance.

The best part about Fenesta windows and doors is that they come as one solid unit and can be installed after all the civil work is over, right before the last coat of paint goes in. Following a carefully constructed process that involves fixing the window into the cavity with anchor fasteners, using high quality sealant to fill gaps, testing the operation of each window, cleaning the window and restoring the site to its original state, the team makes sure that there is minimal bother for the client and the job is done perfectly.

Even after the final installation, the customer service staff is available and completely accessible to take all feedback and action it accordingly. Creating this seamless process for the customers has required some innovative and progressive thinking at Fenesta but that being said, the results of it are worth all the work that goes in.

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