Feng Shui Birds For Love and Romance

Phoenix represents the south in feng shui (dragon the east, tiger the west and turtle north), its element is fire and the mythical bird is also the symbol of rebirth and immortality. This fire bird is often paired with the mighty dragon to symbolize marital bliss. In feng shui, man is often represented as dragon while phoenix corresponds to the woman. The symbol of phoenix is brocaded into the bride’s new attire as a flaming crested bird with a long beautiful tale while the dragon symbol is brocaded as a wingless dragon that symbolizes as an Emperor. In Chinese tradition, both of these symbols are used to treat the bride and the groom as “Emperor and Empress” for a day.

This bird is known as the bird of joy. Chinese believe that when magpies nest in your house then it is considered as an auspicious omen of new opportunities. Those who wish to settle down you can use this bird symbol to attract positive romance energies in your house. Additionally, the magpie is an effective symbol to attract the joy associated with marriage and children. The symbol is also used as a feng shui cure to help alleviate, or remove one’s obstacles in love or career life.

mandarin duck feng shuiMandarin Ducks
These ducks are the “love birds” in the world of feng shui, and they are the most popular feng shui cure for love and romance. Since mandarin ducks mate for life, they came to symbolize love, romance, fidelity, devotion and lifelong affection in the matters of the heart. Placed these birds (always in pairs) in the Love and Marriage area of your bedroom or house in order to improve your love luck.

Butterfly represents love, specifically young love. Chinese legend has it that butterflies symbolize an undying bond between lovers. Happily flitting from flower to flower, butterflies signify a happy, cheerful social life for the young and young-at-heart. In feng shui, it is one of the best symbol used as a love remedy for single people or to improve the relationships between couples (when used in the Love and Marriage area of the feng shui bedroom or house). Make sure that the butterflies are displayed in pairs.

Peacock in Feng ShuiPeacock
Another powerful feng shui bird especially its beautiful magical tail. Peacock is the manifestation of the heavenly phoenix on earth. The presence of the peacock acts like a love potion and it would bring out the excellent side of the female. Since the bird has a thousand eyes on its tail, peacock is used in feng shui to activate fame luck and promote public admiration. Its eyes will also protect you against betrayal in love relationships. Ladies who display this attractive bird in their surrounding may encourage libido of their desired men. In order to enhance your love luck, display feng shui peacock in the SW corner of your bedroom or the nien yen direction. To protect against disaster or betrayal, display it in the bad star afflicted sector of your house. Women like to display it in the bedroom or at the dressing table to enhance their beauty. Some people even place it in their feng shui car behind the rear portion of the car to protect them against accidents.

Being widely known as the symbol of peace, dove is also used as a love cure to promote a long, peaceful marriage. In feng shui applications, the use of dove symbols are considered the same as using the symbols of bird. Just dont forget to display them in pairs and place your feng shui doves in the SW area of your bedroom.

Make sure when displaying one of the above birds in feng shui to enhance your love luck, always display them IN PAIRS. Avoid placing pictures with image of a person alone especially in the Love & Marriage sector of your space. Make that particular spot as clean as possible and free of clutter.