Feng shui for living room

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Living room as the name itself says living, it gives the clear idea of that room. Living room is the most important room in your house where you spend most of the time bonding with other members of your house and also guests. You may enjoy watching a television program with your family here or can have a nice time partying with your friends. So your living room should speak of your personality, status, and liking. When your guest comes, he gets his first impression of your house by seeing the living room. So people always add extra special personal touch in the living room to make it more attractive.

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Living room acts as a mirror which shows the taste of the owner. Your prestige is highly reflected here. This is the communication point between outside and inside. So you should decorate it with an unique style of elegance. That style can be modern, ethnic or classis.

Applying Feng shui empowers each family member of yours to achieve greater success and happiness. It’s you who can create a better environment for your children’s growth by applying Feng shui here.

Feng shui tips for living room:

  • Keep your house clean, open windows everyday and let the natural light in – This is very important to create comfortable, harmonious and happy atmosphere. The chi of your living room reflects your bonding with the other members.
  • You should use large cushy sofa, long rich curtains, soft natural materials and carpets in any combination of deep green, lighter brown and golden colors. This creates more yin atmosphere, comfort, reduce arguments and tension at home.
  • Keep your windows clean every day. This is because windows are symbolical to your eyes. They let you to see the future. Use all sorts of window coverings, shutters of soft shades. This enhances positive chi.
  • Don’t contaminate your living room with arguments – Never let any type of arguments, disagreements to happen inside the living room. This affects small children of the family also. So try to discuss those soft issues outside the house. You can sprinkle some salt on the floor to absorb all the negative chi’s and throw them the next morning.
  • Best feng shui living room layout – Place seating furnitures with its back to the wall and with the clear view of the main door. These make everyone to feel comfortable and safe. This also allows the chi to flow around freely and easily. Preferably round table encourages communication and understanding.
  • Fireplace and living room feng shui – Fireplace in your living room will help to create the feeling of warmth and comfort but it also draws the valuable chi out through the chimney. So you should hang a round mirror on your fireplace, this will reflect chi back into your room.
  • Feng shui living room colours – Living room should be coloured in warmth tome colours such as yellow or brown. This colour makes other feel comfortable and welcomed. You can even use slate green colour that supports education and knowledge of your family members.
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