Feng Shui For Pets

Whether your pet or pets bring good or bad feng shui to your home will depend on its element, its compatibility with your element and many other factors. Some pets are very active that they create many yang (positive) energy while others may be very quiet and slow in motion thus contributing yin (negative) energy in your home.

Some of the yang animals are dogs and monkeys while yin animals such as cats, rabbits and snakes. For example, if your home has a lot of yang energy, then having dogs as your pets would not be recommended but you should instead having some fished in the aquarium to balance the excess yang energy.

Feng shui is about balancing, therefore when you feel uncomfortable in your home then it is probably because you are having a bad feng shui. Good feng shui is when everything is in balance and in order.

Today, pets play an important role in the lives of their owner but their presence must be taken into account when you want to apply feng shui principles to your home. The patterns and color of their bedding and beds should be in harmony with the elemental energy of the position. The table below shows the colors associated with each direction.

Feng Shui for pets

Cleanliness and Your Health
One of the most important things to improve feng shui is cleanliness and free of clutter. In fact, although your pets like to make a mess but actually they also prefer cleanliness, just like you do. Studies have shown that stroking animals can relieve signs of stress but although you get pleasure from your pets, you should not be blind to the fact that these animals can also cause health risks in the home. Caged animal in the children’s room can create unhealthy energy and a litter tray in full view in your kitchen is the greatest turn-off for a guest, especially when they have come to eat.

If you have fishes as your pets then the tank should be clean and clear. Dirty water can lead to health problems in feng shui. Fish also represents wealth in feng shui and if the water is dirty and the fish died then this will also effect badly for your wealth.

Look at the area where your pets like to hang out, some animals are drawn to the best energy in a house or a room. A pet should feel secure, safe and clean in the areas where they sleep or eat. The mental health of your animals is also very important, problems often occur where our pets are locked in a house all day. Sick animals create unpleasant chi in your house and will negatively effect the mood for everyone who see them.

The interconnectivity of things is highly honored in feng shui. What you do to your possessions, loved ones, and to your pets thus comes back to you. So while it’s nice to have pets in your home, the first priority must always be their safety, health and care. But if you dont have time or proper space to care for your pet, then it’s better not to have them at all. Remember, having animals in poor condition(s) is very, very bad feng shui.

Feng Shui animal meanings

Feng shui is all about creating good or auspicious feng shui chi and you can apply this to enhance your feng shui living room, bedroom, kitchen, study room, etc.