Feng shui gifts for housewarming

House is a dream for every person. To have a house of your own is the best possession of lifetime. That’s because house is the place where people spends time to relax, to feel something very close to his/her heart. House brings luck to person. When it suits for a person, the person gets tremendous success during his stay at that house. But if it proves to be unlucky, then bad luck starts for the person. So before entering the house to start a new living, people always perform various rituals, worship god during the housewarming party. That way they try to invite all positive energies.

Fengshui is that type of art which is followed to reduce the block that come in the way of luck. This will help the people who are striving to better themselves.
We often get confused what to gift during the housewarming parties. We think of gifts that may be of daily use or proper use to them. Something we like to gift that they will find useful. So various Fengshui gifts for housewarming are:-

Dragons – This dragon brings strong male energy or Yang at home. The dragon headed turtle attracts abundance and wealth. This is very powerful. This is an appropriate gift in the housewarming party where one also wants to start a new business at the house.

Traditional Gifts – This includes :

Wind chimes: Wind chimes enhance energy. It has a pleasant tinkling sound fashioned from high quality metal.

Buddha: This brings good fortune and prosperity to any space. It is a very good housewarming gift.

Crystals – This increases creativity, channel positive energy and balance emotions. Bowls if kept filled with rose quartz add romance and energy to a room. Crystal can be placed next to front door to protect the home from harmful, negative energy.

Flowers – This can be gifted and can be kept during the housewarming party. This portrays your love for near and dear ones.

Candles – This comes in the top of the list for gifting on a housewarming party. This symbolize that the house is filled with infinite light and keeps away the dark. This can be customized or can be found in various colours, designs,etc.

Fountains – Indoor small fountains or fountains that move water wheels are good gift. This when kept in the home brings sparkling fresh energy, invites good Chi.

Feng Sui Blessing Calligraphy Wall Art – This is the best gift to wish a new home owner good luck, prosperity, long life and double happiness.

Japanese Geisha Doll – This is beautiful and makes a perfect housewarming gift for a single woman. This beautifies the house bringing all the positive energy in.

Cute Love Statue – This would be a cute housewarming gift. This creates love atmosphere in the new home and that’s what every person longs for. So this is a wonderful gift.

Elephant Figurines – These are given to people to bring good luck, happiness and prosperity. Hence, this makes a beautiful and elegant gift.

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