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Feng Shui Lucky Objects

Space Clearing Bell
In feng shui, space clearing bells are used to clear or remove negative energy so that harmony, peace, happiness and prosperity can be well maintained in the home. Negative energy may be as a result of any bad event (such as an arguments, accidents, etc) that had taken place, thus leaving a lingering unpleasant energy or chi which in turn affects the house hindering the effect of feng shui remedies and the like. Feng shui bells are often used for a housewarming, meditation, business opening ceremonies, baby shower and wedding. Feng shui of specific sectors will operate far better and work much faster when space clearing has been applied.

In feng shui, crystals are used in a variety of ways but all with one single goal – that is to create beneficial feng shui energy in our home. Some of the common crystals used in this purpose are rose quartz (normally used for romance and love – placed in SW area of your home), black tourmaline and hematite (for protection) and citrine (for healing self-esteem issues). Feng shui crystals can be displayed or hung in problem areas such as long hallways where there are too many doors, in the place where negative chi is trapped there, and between the staircase and your front door (as this is bad feng shui). Crystals can also be used to enhance your feng shui dining room (to increase appetite and help digestion).

Bagua Mirror
Bagua mirror is perhaps the most commonly found feng shui object in the shops, offices and homes of Chinese people. These extremely powerful feng shui items can be easily found – they are always placed outside the house (facing out) and NEVER inside. You should never ever use them indoors. Bagua mirror is used to reflect away harmful or negative influences of cemetries, tension wires, or sharp/pointing objects pointing towards your home – such as traffic, lampposts, roadway pointing at your house or corners of other houses pointing at your place. When using bagua, you should use it with care and respect other people – dont deflect the negative energy towards other people’s house.

Wind Chimes
Wind chimes are another feng shui tools that is mostly used outside the home – balcony, patio or garden. Although some people use them indoors, they should know which materials to use (there are wood, metal, bamboo and even porcelain wind chimes) as well as where to place them. Number of rods or bells in a wind chime is also important as they are used in different feng shui purposes. Six and eight are the most popular numbers of bells in a wind chime used for increasing beneficial energy while five bells are normally used for suppressing bad energy or sha chi.

Money Coins
Feng shui coins (usually Chinese coins) are also an essential ingredients in the practice of feng shui. Being one of the most widely used symbols, feng shui Chinese coins emit positive wealth energies and are always displayed to welcome Spring Festival or Lunar New Year as well as to attract luck and wealth. Feng shui coins usually have heads and tails, with a small square cut out in the middle. This square in the middle symbolizes earth and the round shape represents heaven, thus each coin represents the unity between heaven and earth. Some of the most common numbers of coins tied together with a red ribbon or string are 3, 6 and 9. You can place these coins on your working desk, under your pillow, buried under the ground, inside your wallet, or hang them in auspicious areas.

Pagoda Tower
Also known as education tower, feng shui pagoda is a popular symbol used for education luck and protection. Feng shui pagoda has the capability to imprison bad spirits as well as improving concentration on studying/working. Since pagoda is also regarded as a symbol of peace, this item became a favorite feng shui tool used to stabilize an area for better concentration in working or studying. Feng shui pagoda is usually placed in NE of our desk or our child’s room. To ward off exam fears, display an obsidian pagoda on your child’s table. When placed in the office, it has the ability to stimulate career energies.

Wealth Ship
Another favorite symbol used to activate your wealth sector. Wealth ship is used to increase and multiply the inflow of our wealth by sailing it into our home or business. Wealth ship is usually filled with gold ingots, precious gemstones, coins or money, jewelries and other auspicious symbols related to wealth or abundance. Place the wealth ship in our success directions (do find out your feng shui auspicious directions to display your wealth ship), or near the front door. You can also display it at the office or the entrance to your place of business. Always place the wealth ship in a position like it is sailing in.

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