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Fengshui to enhance romance and love in marriage life

Feng shui is well-known to be used to enhance love and romance in a marital relationship. By using tips of Feng Shui couples have increased the intensity of love between themselves. Love is the most important ingredient into a successful conjugal life. So if you want to intensify the passion between you and your partner you can decorate and arrange room articles according toFeng Shui.

Clear out any kind of dust or dirt that is unnecessarily stored in your bedroom. Remove all the unwanted stuffs and clutter from under the bed, from the ceiling or clear it off if stored at any corner of the room. The room should be free of any broken pieces or unused wastes and instead the room should be decorated with beautiful things that welcome or attract a pleasing feeling. Ward off all the dirt to allow positive energy enter the room replacing the negative energy.

South-west corner of the bedroom always stands for passion and romance. So make sure that part of the room remains dirt-free and clean.It is the symbol of universal love and hence put some Feng Shui accessories or pleasant stuffs that energize and generate a feeling of love. Wind chimes or nature paintings and crystal chandelier or crystal bowl with three candles inside can be well placed at the south-west corner.

Television set must not be kept at your bed room as it gives birth to negativity. Even all the mirrors should be kept aside and also computers should be moved to any other room. If a dressing table is to be kept at the room it should be placed at such a corner that the bed does not get reflected directly through it.

Try to place images of couples,cupids or love-birds to signify the profound emotion. If you want to hang wall paintings or put sculptures in the room choose some pictures of happy people.

Colors play a very vital role in room decoration. Pink or red color may introduce exciting love experience with your partner while coral,rose etc colors mean someone who is very sensitive and caring to you.Bright colors like crimson, burgundy ascertain thrill and adventurous passion in your life.

Instead of putting family photos you should opt for your own photo with your partner. It should be kept in mind that the bedroom is exclusively for you two and so whatever put there should suggest the private love shared by you both. Other room articles like water bowl or aquarium should be removed from your bedroom and soft furniture should be used in stead of that.

Use queen size beds instead of king size ones as these are too spacious. Queen size beds will allow smaller mattresses that will promote longer love life and intimacy. Bedsheets,pillows are to be well-chosen and designed to match the bed and make you stay longer at bed.

The bed is not to be at the straight direction to the door.The bed also should not be exactly right beside the bedroom door as it symbolizes inauspiciousness.You should make sure that the bed is placed somehow diagonally opposite to the door.Do not use two single beds joint together as it causes separation.

All that is arranged in your room should represent softness and something that soothes the eye. Any potted plant or flower work must not be placed at any corner of the room. Symbol of water also should not be there.

Happy marriage advice

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