Ferris Wheel: Giving You The Real Top View

Whenever you are in an amusement park, you would always want to take a ride of the Ferris wheel because it’s one of the highest rides and it can give you a great view of the place from a certain height above the ground. It’s as if you’re riding a low flying plane and you’ll get a tour of the sky and the scene below.

The Observatory

Ferris wheel is also known as an observation wheel primarily because it gives you an almost complete view of the vicinity from a certain height above the ground. It is a very tall round structure wherein the passengers are carried through capsules which are distributed at certain points around the round structure. The passenger cars or capsules are set to maintain their positions due to gravity.

Ferris wheels are one of the most visited rides in every amusement park. It can be truly evident how people would want to take a look at the breathtaking view from above. Ferris wheels can be found from the simplest amusement and gaming locations to the largest attractions. This is truly makes amusement parks and local city attractions, a place that is worth the visit.

London Eye

Some of the newest Ferris wheels created are said to be the tallest in the world. One of the tallest Ferris wheels created is the London Eye created in the year 2000 with a height of 135 meters or 443 feet tall. It is one of the most famous attractions in London giving a fascinating view of the entire city. It has 32 capsules or gondolas which are capable of carrying 25 passengers each leading to accommodating about 600 passengers.

Star of Nanchang

One of the tallest structures is the Star of Nanchang in China with a height of 160 meters or 525 feet. It is considered to be the tallest Ferris wheel as it was created in 2006.The cost for its creation really required millions of dollars but it can be said that the structure is worth such value. The Star of Nanchang consists of 60 passenger cars or gondolas each with the capacity of carrying 8 passengers with a total of 480 passengers for the giant structure.

Singapore Flyer

The newest and tallest Ferris wheel created is now in Singapore created in 2006 known as the Singapore Flyer. It has a height of about 165 meters of 541 feet. It is said to be described as an observatory being able to provide a vast view of the place from the highest feet from the grouns possible with a Ferris wheel.

These are just some of the highest Ferris wheels or observatories ever created in history. You just have to wait and there will come a time that there will even be taller structures and observatories that will be created. Time can do a lot and the people never get tired of working through the possibilities of beating any the record that has been set. There will come a time when Ferris wheels would even reach heights you can imagine. Well, no one knows but that can really be possible for with the human minds’ curiosity and imagination, even the impossible can be fought and made into reality.

*photos from morguefile.com