FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Coin Making Tips For Xbox 360

Here will share some of those techniques that help you to build a best squad and players in FIFA 13 Ultimate Team that are worth over 1,000,000 coins fast and easy. If you’re relatively new to FUT then you should have a look on below strategy tricks, if you’re not new then you can take it as reference as you may learn something new about it.

Top FIFA 13 Coin Making Tips

Here share with you some walk through that can help you to generate more coins during matches.

  1. You at least get up to 10k worth value on your account. As when starting to trade, if anything goes wrong you’ll end up losing up coins but at least you have backup coins to save your battle instead of losing everything you have.
  2. Research and do home work before purchase a player. Always check various of trading market and various databases online or forum. You can also watch how well the players value go for a couple of hours.
  3. Get ready for second FUT account. A backup account always come in handy when you have huge trade pile of players that ready to sell or purchase.
  4. Need to observed closely for players to be released and then buy them with standard version as their prices will drop massively within a week or two. With this method, you can easily earn few hundred coins but the draw back is that you need to hold your player until their price rise again before can sell out to the market.
  5. There are rare and popular players can be discarded around 500-600 coins. In this time, you need to buy them and get the bonus that sometimes these players are cheaper compare with market value for a couple of hundred less.

Besides, there are few ground rule that you need to pay extra cautions especially for beginner before they start trying to make a profit.

  • EA Tax: Many of FUT gamers forget to add in EA tax into their calculation when trading begin. It’s very easy to end up loss profit. Let take an example, if you sell Rooney for 3,000 coins then 150 coins about 5% tax will go directly to EA.
  • Formation Changes: If you own a player who playing in a 3-5-2 formation, then it’s be far more advantage if you can change or add in position card and change him to 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formation which are more popular formation on the FUT market. This directly will increase the value of the player himself and let you gain more coins during matches.
  • Position Changes: We all know Tevez is a ST and if you buy a Tevez when he has been change to CF then you can buy him cheap. Add a ST card and instantly his value will increase tremendously worth 30,000 coins more and you only paid 2,000 for the card. Pay attention on player’s position and pick the right time to add-on and increase their value.

If you’re still need more FIFA 13 strategy tricks and guidance, then you should check out FUT Millionaire Coin Making Guide that provide head to toes step-by-step on how to win every FIFA 13 Ultimate Team matches.