Fifa 14 review, for the Xbox one – a game worth buying

Fifa 14

Fifa is a game which has now been around for a long long time, and most computer consoles have had a go at making the Fifa football computer games. Today I am reviewing Fifa 14, brought out by Xbox one, and due to this excellent games machine and it’s capabilities, I am finding hard to think of a Fifa football game which has been made as good as this one. The first thing to note about this game is how well everything is set up, making navigation of the site and use of the game very easy.

The graphics are really great, the players look realistic and completely like the real life characters they are portraying. The stadiums and crowds also have fantastic graphics, which just makes this game absolutely realistic when playing. As well as all this the close up shots, replays and goal celebrations are all great, bringing to life the football game you are playing. One of the things which has bugged me about past Fifa games is there flow whilst playing, many stop to a pause during game play, but this one is different, the flow is free and easy making game play much more natural and fun.

The players themselves flow well during game play, and controlling them through out the game is a fun and realistic experience. You can take your team through one season after the next during career mode on Fifa 14, buying better players as you go using the transfer market. Also you will need to become a good scout in order to get a better team, it’s not just about buying players but also scouting the far regions of the world in hope of finding the next big thing. Single player leagues and tournements will keep you entertained for months, as you develop your skills and hopefully become in controll of the number one football team around.

If you are new to the concept of Fifa football games, then you can go on practice mode, and develop your gaming skills, before moving on to the real thing. Around fifteen years now Fifa have been bringing out football games for the public to enjoy, and although they have done a wonderful job in the past, I would find it hard to find one Fifa game which is as good as this one. After looking around online to see what others are saying about this site, it becomes pretty clear how good this game actually is, as my in depth research online has not found any negative views about the game. So if you have Xbox one, and want a good football game to play, what are you waiting for, buy Fifa 14 today.