Filipino Scientists and their Inventions

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What do you know about Filipino scientists and their inventions? It is only normal to feel proud of the achievements of people you can relate to. Parents are proud of a child that is obedient and that get good grades. People are proud of national heroes or those who have contributed in some positive way to the general good. There are other unsung heroes that have impacted our lives. Every nation has a reason to be proud. The Italians gave up Pizzas and Pasta whilst the French gave us the Baguette, the Americans gave us McDonalds and NASA, whilst the Japanese gave us Sushi, the Chinese gave us Noodles and Kung fu, the Latinos gave us Salsa and the Mexicans gave us Tacos, whilst the Spanish gave us Paella and the list just goes on.

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There a few people who have impacted science and aspects of our daily existence like Filipino scientists or scholars who have achieved ordinary and extra-ordinary things that have impacted people’s lives.

Francisco Quisumbing

Francisco Quisumbing is a scientist that contributed to the Quink ink used by the Parker pen. If you have ever used a parker pen and have loved the experience, you might not be concerned about the person who brought the little color to your life but you are sure grateful for an excellent writing tool.

Pedro Flores

If you ever had a Yo-yo and you are still not very proficient at it, that shouldn’t be a problem because you can join the line of many who are in the same predicament. The Filipino scientist Pedro Flores who invented the Yo-yo could have invented other things like a spaceship but where is the fun if you can’t own yours.

Do You Like Karaoke?

If you are one of those who go weak at the knees at the sight of a Karaoke machine, you can thank another Filipino scientist who contributed to the invention of the machine from which you can now get your kick. There is something about singing and feel the rhythm run through your body that makes the Karaoke machine fascinating and the singers a joy to behold.

Anacleto del Rosario

There are other little things that some Filipino scientists have discovered through their research that have benefited those who lived in the Philippines or that have contributed to the advancement of the worldwide collective knowledge. Anacleto del Rosario a Filipino scientist who lived in the 1800 produced pure Alcohol from nipa palms. There is no need to tell you what you can do with pure alcohol but it was a great invention at the time that he was awarded a prize for his work.

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Filipino Scientists and their Inventions, Seekyt
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