Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is not the terminology most people use to express what they want when asked about their financial goals. The common response is they want to be rich or they want a million dollars. To most people, a person with $1,000,000 is rich. To someone with a $1,000,000, they are not rich. In fact, many who receive a $1,000,000 quickly end up in bankruptcy court within a few years of getting the money.

If you take the time to talk with people, you would find that what they really want is enough money to afford what they need and do what they want for enjoyment. If they want to take a trip they do not need a privat jet, they just want to be able to purchase a reasonably priced ticket from a reputable commercial airline. When they arrive at their destination, they need transportation to comfortable accommodations; limousine service to an exclusive villa on the ocean with personal valet service and a gourmet chef at their disposal is way beyond the average person’s comfort zone.

Financial freedom is the ability to feed and house one’s family comfortably and enjoy splurging for the extras that make life more fun, exciting and interesting. Every person has their own personal threshold of what financial freedom is for them. It is a step above living within their means or surviving paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately in today’s economy, too many people are struggling day to day with little time to seek any options for financial freedom.

There are options to seek financial freedom available for anyone who wants to work for it. One must take care when approaching a new opportunity to avoid those generated by scam artists who know deperate people are easy targets. Adding value to your financial package does take work and in some cases, sacrifice of some personal time until your goals are achieved.

A simple plan to get you started seeking financial freedom is to start with planning, preparation and then execution of your new plan:

  1. Examine your current income source. What opportunities do you have within your current work environment to increase your income?
  2. Examine your expenditures. Where can you cut costs without hurting your current living standards?
  3. Examine your use of your time. How much time do you waste each week that you could easily utilize to work a second job or do alternative income producing projects?
  4. Make a list of what you like to do and skills you have.
  5. Research the items on your list to determine if other people are willing to pay for the services you could offer.
  6. Determine how much others would be willing to pay for your services.
  7. Determine if your services would be utilized locally or over the Internet.
  8. Research the best advertising venues for your services.
  9. Develop a plan.
  10. Execute your plan.

Everyone has something within them that could be the beginning of a new business if they are willing to put in the work and effort to make it happen. Microsoft, Apple, Revlon, Avon, Mary Kaye, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Disney were all created from one person’s dream. Tough economic times have traditionally been the environment where great companies have emerged. It is time to create your own financial freedom.