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Guide: How to Find a Good Dermatologist

Taking a risk and putting your face into someone’s hand seriously requires lot of trust and faith. Thus, it’s important to find a good dermatologist for your skin.


A skin doctor or dermatologists is a doctor is one who is specialized in treating skin-related problems and diseases. These skin doctors help you in coping with the problems related to nails, hair, and mucous membrane.

I am sure you would be anxious for the first meeting with a dermatologist which is normal, as you will expose your face or other part of your body to a stranger. However, if you are strong enough to get the ultimate goal of a healthier skin, you will eventually be able to get rid of all discomfort. A good skin doctor should be able to give you comfort in spilling out all your problems. The more they know, the more chance you will get better treatment. If you find that you are being ignored by your dermatologist, they might not worth your time.

Before searching a right doctor for your right problem solution, you should first identify your need.

For finding a suitable doctor for treating your skin problem, you should know your need beforehand. If you are a busy person, for example, choosing an also busy dermatologist will be a challenge since it is possible that you won’t be able to match up between your and the doctor’s schedule. Well, lets study some of the tips given below for searching a right doctor.

1. Is there a doctor on site?

This is regulated state-by-state and, believe it or not, some states do not require the Medical Director (that is, the Doctor) of a laser center to be on the premises any more than an hour or two a month. The doctor is the doctor in name only at these clinics.

So you can ask: ‘Is the doctor on site while the lasers are in operation, and will the doctor see me either at my consultation or at my first visit for actual laser treatment?’

2. Is the doctor Board-certified?

It’s shocking, but there is no law preventing doctors from calling themselves whatever they want. Many centers all over the country are being set up by doctors who have absolutely no medical training in skin but who have decided that they want to cash in on skin services.

3. How much experience the business has?

Mostly all business fail in just 3-5 years because of their heavy advertising, but they often cannot sustain a high level of results and safety over a broad spectrum for their customers. Thus, resulting they leave the business. If the doctor and laser center are working for more than 5 years and are well known in the community, there are chances of operating to a higher standard of medicine and are treating their patients fairly.

4. Don’t be persuaded by before and after photographs.

In this day of modern photography, we need to be suspicious of photos. There are two problems with before and after photographs.

The first problem is that companies and doctors will always put their absolutely best before and after photographs on a website or use them in their office. The second problem is that with current ability to alter digital images, you really don’t know whether that photograph is accurate or represents something that has been altered.

Author Bio: Daniel Clark, the author of this post is a Skin doctor. Apart from his profession, he likes to provide tips and techniques through his posts. In this post he describes what to consider when selecting a skin clinic.

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