Finding a Refurbished Laptop Under $100 – Get the Computer You Need at a Price You Can Afford

Unfortunately in this economy many of us don’t have too much money, yet many of us need a computer – that’s why if you can find a refurbished laptop under $100, you’re finding a great deal. Especially good if it is factory refurbished, you can also find refurbished computers in other locations, like online stores, private sales, and even thrift stores. So if you need a computer and don’t have a lot of money to spend, then together let’s try to find a refurbished laptop under $100 that will work for you.

eBay Can Be a Great Place to Find a Refurbished Laptop Under $100

Maybe you’re a student who doesn’t have much cash, but needs the portability of bringing a laptop to class. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom or dad who could use a refurbished laptop under $100 in order to bring in some extra money for the family. Whatever the need, one of the best places to start your search is on eBay. Shopping on eBay is safe and easy – not only are the products guaranteed, but if you make your purchase using PayPal, if you get a junker computer that is not as advertised, you can file a chargeback through PayPal for receiving the wrong product. That way you have double insurance against someone trying to slip a fast one on you.

Amazon Is Easy To Use

When you shop online at Amazon for a refurbished laptop under $100, it is simple and easy to do. Not only do you get several options in and close to your price range just by searching for refurbished laptops, but if you specifically search for your price range, you’ll also find a wide variety of laptops that will be able to meet your specific needs that are made by a wide variety of manufacturers. Now keep in mind that at this price level you are likely going to be purchasing either an older model or a netbook, but those are fully functional laptops that can help you do all the things you need to have done.

Tiger Direct Is Even Good

Tiger Direct is also a great place to shop for a refurbished laptop under $100. They, like Amazon, have access to hundreds of different laptops, both new and refurbished. With just a few easy clicks of the mouse you can limit your search options to a refurbished laptop in your price range and get a plethora of different options which you can look through. is Pretty Good As Well

And if you can’t find what you need at some of these other sites, try checking out They also have access to their own set of refurbished laptops and you could very well end up finding one under $100. And if none of those works for you, you can always check your local advertisements to see what people in your area are selling off line.

So if you are looking for a refurbished laptop under $100, try these tips and visit these sites and you might just get lucky and find a great laptop at a great price.