Finding a Sample Money Agreement to Finalize the Contract

For those times when money is changing hands whether it is a loan, a sales transaction, or a contract for services or some other financial dealing one needs to have a written document to memorialize the event; rather than hire a professional to write out this document it is possible to find a sample money agreement to cover these various situations on line and use this as a template in order to save time and money and to be sure that the legal paperwork that will protect all concerned parties is in order.

Legal Websites

These sites offer a variety of categories where money will be exchanging hands in some way. One simply chooses the category that fits his situation. For example, if a friend is borrowing money a written promissory note should be executed. One would choose loaning money or promissory note as the category, answer a few legal questions about the transaction, payment schedules, or time limit before the loan would be due and then hit print. Paperwork would be printed up and could be signed on the spot, or if the two parties desired, it could be checked with an attorney of one’s own choosing before being signed. Once signed these are legally binding agreements or contracts.

Business Forms

There are a few ways one can get a form that can be filled in on the computer or by hand that can also serve as a money agreement. For example, suppose one is buying a vehicle from a private party and is making installment payments. A form exists both online and in many, but not all, business supply stores that can be printed out or purchased and filled in that will make sure this agreement is turned into a written contract. There are all sorts of websites where one can find samples of these types of agreements so that they can be written up on one’s own should he or she desire to do so.

Finding the Correct Agreement

Different situations will call for vastly different forms. A loan with interest will need an agreement that spells out those terms; a transfer of property for cash will need an inclusion as to whether or not there is any type of warranty on the property in question. Other types of transactions will have their own nuances that will have to be included in the agreement. One needs to be sure to find the appropriate template in order to be certain that the complete and correct information is contained therein so that legal issues do not arise in the future. These agreements often seem unnecessary until a problem arises. Without a written document that sets forth the terms of a financial arrangement there can be in-fighting, nasty disputes, and even legal action. Using a written form made by looking at a sample money agreement that is appropriate to the situation will take all of the ambiguity out of an arrangement and will make settling any dispute that arises much easier.