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Finding Blemished ATV Tires

Blemished ATV tires, often called blems, are new tires that have cosmetic imperfections on them so that they cannot be sold for full price and are often available at great discounts. Quality is not compromised with these tires whatsoever, so they can be an excellent deal and a great investment for the serious ATV enthusiast. These tires can be found online through a number of dealers that specifically carry blems in a wide range of sizes and prices which allows one to comparison shop and get a look at large inventories that many stores will not be able to offer and take advantage of special deals. Blems have only cosmetic issues and do not compromise the safety of the rider or the operation of an ATV. Perhaps some of the white on the tire’s lettering is askew or is missing in an area, or there is some black showing through the whitewall area of the tire but there are no structural or other types of defects on these tires. The tire will still carry a full warranty and will be perfectly safe to use just as any cosmetically perfect tire would.

Why Buy Blems?

As mentioned above, blems are as safe as a full priced tire. They simply have small cosmetic imperfections on them that mean they cannot be sold as perfect and therefore these are discounted often times quite significantly. Buying blems means getting quality tires and saving money at the same time. There will be no compromise on safety and often the blemishes, or imperfections, are so small that they are imperceptible to everyone. Full warranties and uncompromised safety means that these tires are a true bargain. ATV enthusiasts can feel confident that they are getting the best quality at the very best prices for brand new tires. Often, this will mean being able to buy the best tires, or the top of the line tires, that one might normally have to pass up if paying full price is the only option. Because there are many reputable online dealers that offer blems savings and shopping are a real breeze.

Be Careful

While blems are perfectly safe and should be easy to find and purchase, there are a few things to always be on the lookout for while shopping. Remember blems should be new tires, if the dealer calls his tires seconds or uses other descriptors it is important to make sure the tires are not used, have not previously been mounted on rims, or are not damaged and repaired. Also, one should always do a comparison to be sure that the blems are being offered at a lower price than unblemished tires. There is no point in accepting a cosmetic flaw if perfect tires are available for the same price. Finally, online shoppers should be careful to check the shipping rates for these tires, outrageous shipping prices can make these tires far more expensive than they need to be and can make them less of a bargain. Careful online shoppers can and will find excellent deals for blemished ATV tires.

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