Finding Cheap Places to Stay In London – Get Your Chill On While Getting Your Cheap On

When it comes to that long awaited trip to the great city of London, you don’t want to break your bank account on the exchange rate – you want to be able to find the best cheap places to stay in London so that you can do more. You don’t have to compromise on the quality of your accommodations simply by trying to squeeze out a few bucks in savings. You can find a place that will let you get your chill on, relax, and enjoy yourself in this great city.

The Hoxton

If you love your pubs and restaurants, then this is the hotel for you. Get modern amenities at this unique boutique style lodging located near Old Street and you may find yourself taking the tube by day to experience downtown London and all it has to offer and then coming back at night to discover all of the great dining options that are nearby. When it comes to accessibility, convenience, and options, you simply can’t beat the Hoxton, and that’s when it is one of the best cheap places to stay in London.

Mint Westminster Hotel

With a great location, in room iMac, and spacious accommodations, you may not be able to find a better hotel in your price range than this one. You can choose to walk to different sites from this hotel or if you wish to see other parts of the city, you can take a short walk over to the tube and explore at your leisure. With these modern amenities and centralized location, this is definitely one of the best cheap places to stay in London.

Sumner Hotel

Get off the main lines with this quaint little hotel and enjoy your stay in London away from all the hustle and bustle of tourism. You can experience the charm of old school London in this hotel as the elevator stops on the half floors and each room is individualized. If you want a stay that has a personality that reflects yours, then you will want to stay at this award winning little place which is one of the best cheap places to stay in London.

The Colonnade

A hotel that many rate higher than the highest class hotels in the city, the Colonnade brings originality and class to their price range. In fact, for many this hotel is the go to place when it comes to staying in London. Located in Little Venice and just off the tube line, you will get a good night’s sleep from a quiet neighborhood location. You might even get a friendly visit from the hotel’s cat ambassador. It’s family friendly charm is what makes this hotel one of the best cheap places to stay in London.

Whatever your reason for traveling to London, just know that staying at one of the best cheap places to stay in London will get you much more affordability and trip value.