Finding Companies Offering Anti-Piracy Services

There are many companies offering anti-piracy services out there on the internet. Many of these organizations offer bold claims as to what customers they serve, how often they have suppressed incidents, and how much of the planet they effectively cover. Do not be fooled by these bold claims! Instead, look for professional quality in the services that are provided.

Does This Anti-Piracy Service Offer Risk Assessment?

Any security safeguard should be based on a properly conducted risk assessment, so you will want to search for companies offering anti-piracy services that not only offer these assessments, but offer them for free. Performing assessments is simply a means to be able to offer the most dynamic protection policy possible by having properly trained security agents assess your individualized situation and offer you several possible solutions. Instead, many anti-piracy agencies either do not even use an assessment or offer this assessment for an additional fee.

Avoid the Anti-Piracy Cookie Cutter

Just like your needs are individualized and different than any other person or companies’ needs when it comes to anti-piracy services, so is each individualized suppression encounter. When finding the right companies offering anti-piracy services, it is important to make sure that they do not take the cookie cutter approach. By that I mean they treat every piracy suppression the same, with the same procedures, same tools, and same expectations for success.

Past Anti-Piracy Performance Does Not Always Equate To Current Results

You have been searching for companies offering anti-piracy services for awhile now, but then you come across an agency that seems to have it all together. They have documented suppression successes, they have excellent references, but then you find out that they sub-contract out all of their work to local providers that have, shall we say, questionable alliances. When it comes to your security, find out who will be working with you, what their backgrounds are, and what experiences they have. Knowing this will further help your suppression efforts. This is because a common tactic of those in the piracy business is to infiltrate these anti-piracy services in order to get inside knowledge as to what ships are going where and when. This allows for a much easier theft incident for them.

Bold Anti-Piracy Claims Often Mask Bold Anti-Piracy Mistakes

When looking for companies offering anti-piracy services, many will offer bold claims as to the amount of territory they cover. Others will offer bold claims as to the amount of successful suppressions they have performed. However, the facts are quite often the opposite when it comes to these bold claims. This comes back to the security assessment – a good anti-piracy company will be able to analyze your needs and effectively fulfill them without upfront fees, excessive posturing, or heavy handed sales techniques. Good services sell themselves.

It is important to take your time, do your research, and make your own decisions when deciding on suppressions solutions. There are many companies offering anti-piracy services out there and they are all vying for your money… just make sure you spend your money wisely.