Finding Great Gender Neutral Color Schemes

It is great to review all of your options before settling on a color scheme for a gender neutral nursery. There are some useful and free websites you can use to help you determine the best nursery color scheme. Check the sites on this list to help you determine the best nursery painting scheme for you.

Things to remember when decorating a gender neutral nursery

1. Earth Tones: using Earth toned colors like browns, blues, and greens is the best way to start a good palette for your nursery. Be sure to not go to heavy on the browns though, accent your color scheme with a bright color to avoid a drap appearance.

2. Color Swatches: Most hardware stores, paint stores and large retail stores will give away paint swatch collections to use in the nursery. Hold the swatches against the wall or tape them on the wall to help you get a better idea of what the color would look like on the entire surface.

3. Paint Squares: Purchase small amounts of your paint choices (most retailers will sell single ounces for one to three dollars) and paint small squares on the wall. This is the best way to ensure you understand what the color will look like when applied in various coats.

Free Online Resources for Your Nursery Color Scheme

1. Decorating Your Nursery
This website has a number of helpful articles to help you find the best nursery color scheme. Use this site for additional help in finding the best decorations for the baby’s room as well. There are a number of great links here to get you started.

2. Colour Lovers
This is the ultimate free website for finding a great color scheme for a gender neutral nursery. You can also make your own patterns using the color sets you choose and order prints featuring those patterns. Try searching through patterns and schemes that other users have created if you don’t have any base color ideas of your own.

Use these tips and website to help you discover and apply the best color scheme for a gender neutral nursery.