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Finding Joy in the Simple Things of Life

Our days are cluttered. We are jostled awake through the beeping of an alarm clock. We snooze one too many times, and suddenly we are rushing around the house. We shower quickly, throw on clothes, grab our coffee to go, and next thing we know we are stuck in traffic. After finally arriving at work, we sit in a cramped cubicle, or if we are lucky an office, for 8, 9, or 10 hours. We shuffle to the lunch room. We shuffle back to our desks. We drag through the afternoon only to get in the car and get stuck in traffic on the way home. Once there we plop onto the couch and mindlessly watch TV until we fall asleep. It is no wonder that up to 10% of Americans suffer from depression! Fortunately, there is a better way.

Give Thanks for Everything

Whether you give thanks to God, or give thanks to a spiritual force, or simply give thanks to yourself, the idea here is simple: be thankful. It’s incredibly easy to do when things are going your way.

Suppose you make a turkey for dinner. Afterward there are tons of leftovers so you make some turkey sandwiches. You give thanks for those sandwiches at work because you don’t have to suffer through another day of sub-par cafeteria food. Those are the easy thanks.

It is a bit harder, however, to give thanks when things are not going your way. But those are the times when you really need to. When you are stuck in traffic, give thanks that you have the time to just sit and relax. Give thanks that you have a comfortable car in which you can sit and relax. Give thanks that you have music that pumps endlessly through the radio. Give thanks.

When your work is boring, give thanks that you have a job. Give thanks that you get the opportunity to learn the skills that you are learning at your job. Give thanks that you have Gary down the hall that you can constantly instant message providing just a little comic relief. Give thanks that at the end of the day, you know that life is more than just a job. Give thanks.

When you do get home, give thanks that you don’t have to sit and watch TV. But also give thanks that there are people who dedicate their lives to entertaining you. Give thanks that you know how to read and you can crack open a book. Give thanks that at any given moment, you have the opportunity and the right to stand up, walk out of your house, and enjoy a brisk walk down the street. Give thanks.

Life can become a drag sometimes. But if you really want to pick yourself up and not get down by the worries of life, all you have to do is give thanks. Try it for just one day and see how your mood changes. When your perspective changes from “woe is me” to “I have it good” then your entire outlook on life can shift.

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