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Finding Nemo Clownfish Most Popular Saltwater Aquarium Fish

Ever since the creation of the animated movie Finding Nemo the Clownfish has become a very popular fish not only for children but for home aquarists all over the world. Nemo was based on a Percula Clownfish and an Ocellaris Clownfish.

The Ocellaris clownfish has become one of the most popular species of clowns because of its overall friendly and less aggressive behavior compared to the Percula Clown. The Clownfish in general are found living in coral reefs using sea anemone’s as both a home and as protection from predators. These beautiful little fish are able to live and nestle among the tentacles of the anemone because of a mucus on its body preventing it from being stung by the anemone. Both of these clownfish species can be found in the indo-Pacific ocean primarily in the Fiji and Tonga regions.

The Ocellaris Clownfish has beautiful orange coloring including three white bars and black lines on its fins and grows up to three to four inches as an adult. There are many varities of Clownfish but the more common are definitely the Ocellaris and Percula. Grouping these cute little critters together in a salt water aquarium can be tricky as they are very territorial. You can always have one in your fish tank but if that one clownfish has been the only clown species in the aquarium for a while it could become aggressive if you add another to the aquarium. Especially if the new fish is smaller in size. If you must add more clownfish add one the same size or larger or if you want to add more than one it is a good idea to go with three or more being added and then they can be smaller and younger.

Regardless of what type of saltwater fish you keep you will always want to do your research to make sure all fish are safe. Remember these are not just something to look at through the aquarium glass they are pets and members of your family once you purchase them. They are living creatures.

All living creatures require food. Clownfish are omnivores and enjoy a diet rich in meat and algae. There are many omnivore fish foods you can purchase at your local aquarium store. There are omnivore flake foods and frozen foods like Mysis shrimp and frozen brine shrimp. You will want to mix up the fish food to ensure your pets are getting optimal nutrition. Just like humans they need to eat more than once a day. Twice a day is good but three times a day spread out is even better. Make sure that when you feed the fish they are eating everything you place in the tank, if there is still food floating around after they are done eating then you are feeding them too much and need to give them less. If you continue to over feed the fish you will end up creating a toxic environment in the aquarium killing all of the inhabitants.

If you are considering setting up a saltwater aquarium and keeping clownfish as pets you will not be disappointed. These fish are highly active and a truly fascinating creature to care for and watch.

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