News Finding Nemo Toys Review

Finding Nemo Toys Review


Everyone loves Nemo the loveable saltwater clownfish starring in the animated film from 2003 named Finding Nemo. Marlin searches the vast ocean for his son Nemo running into all kinds of characters from fish to turtles and more. This cute and enjoyable family film will warm your heart and make you laugh all at the same time. As with any highly successful and incredibly popular characters from animated films there is always merchandise associated to the film. Everything from DVD’s to Blu-ray’s and stuffed animals of the characters. Games and figurines, puzzles, children’s bedding, children’s clothing and just about anything else you can think of.

Disney Finding Nemo 16′ Nemo Plush Disney

A 16”plush Nemo toy for any age to enjoy. Beautiful vibrant orange and white coloring make this plush Disney toy a must have for the Nemo collection.

Finding Nemo Toys Review

Disney Finding Nemo Bath Buddies 4 Piece Toy Set

These toys are the perfect size for a small child to carry around. Each character is the perfect size for holding and playing with for little hands. Each toy will float and even if you have bubbles in the tub they will be easy to find because of their very bright colors. Put the toys back in the original packaging if you want after being played with and they will dry out every time because of the mesh bottom allowing water out and air in. Another bonus for this toy is that they are sealed not allowing water to enter which as you know can get all yucky if you let water sit inside. These are a must have toy for the bathtub.

Finding Nemo Toys Review

Finding Nemo: Dory Plush — 17”

This fun plush Dory toy is recommended for ages 24 months and up. The vibrant colors will attract attention and the soft cuddly feel will keep your child coming back for me, they just won’t want to let go of this cuddly toy. If you are giving a Nemo toy you have to include Dory as most children associate these characters as always being together. Don’t miss out by not including this important character from the Finding Nemo movie as a gift. Adults love the Dory character in the movie Finding Nemo so don’t forget to buy them a plush Dory toy as well.

Finding Nemo Toys Review

Disney Finding Nemo Figurine Play Set — 9-Pc

Enjoy all of the main characters from the movie Finding Nemo is this super fun 9-pc figure play set. They can be used as toys or placed on birthday cakes or even just placed on a shelf to be viewed. While watching the movie Finding Nemo your children might like to have these fun toys out to act along while the movie plays.

Finding Nemo Toys Review

Finding Nemo Movie

Enjoy Finding Nemo with the whole family anytime anywhere. The quality of this movie played on your LED LCD or even PLASMA TV will blow you away. Even better if you have a 3D TV.

Finding Nemo Toys Review

Finding Nemo Toys Review
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