Finding Public Storage Auctions Near You

If you’ve ever stumbled onto television shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, you already know that self storage auctions are becoming something of a craze for the modern day treasure hunter. Offering the possibility of winning an entire storage locker full of someone else’s belongings, these storage locker auctions are growing in popularity as more people become aware of their existence.

Public Storage Auctions – Open to Everyone

One of the reasons these repossessed locker sales are so exciting is that anyone can attend them. This is due to state laws that require self storage facilities to announce locker sales in local newspapers and to grant the public the ability to bid on the units for sale. Storage companies recoup some of their financial losses due to the extended non-payment of rent this way, and people living in the area get a shot at deeply discounted goods and equipment.
This means that, if you have some free time, some extra cash and a reliable vehicle, you can try your hand at local storage sales and try to make some cash on the side re-selling what you find in the lockers. First however, you need to hone in on where the storage sale action is happening in your region.

How Do You Find Public Storage Auctions in Your State?

Free Ways to Find Storage Auctions
When it comes to finding storage locker sales near you, there are two major options. The first option is free, but it requires that you do all the grunt work. Simply whip out your favorite telephone directory or google search apparatus and start calling up or e-mailing every storage facility near you.

This is a hit or miss technique in more ways than one: oftentimes, the managers of a given facility are too busy keeping their own tenants happy (and trying to secure new ones!) to be able to answer inquiries about storage sales. However, if you’re lucky, you might catch a friendly manager during some down time in which case they’ll let you know whether or not they have any delinquent lockers that are eligible for auctioning off in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on your local newspaper’s classifieds and legal sections, because storage managers will also be required to post their upcoming auction dates here, along with an often vague general description of the goods found inside.

The Easy Way to Find Storage Auctions
The best way to find upcoming storage auctions in your state is to subscribe to premium storage auction listings. These services are offered by companies that gather storage auction data all day long every week, sometimes placing as many as 55,000 phone calls or more in a given month. Through the use of co-operative databases that facilities feed their data into, and supplemented by this heroic phone-calling effort and endless strings of e-mails, the listing company will maintain up-to-date storage auction listings for every state in the country. No small task!

Discounted Auction List Prices
Many curious auction hunters understandably want to know how much these services cost. The truth of the matter is that people living in smaller states will pay less for their lists, while folks in the big states like California can end up paying slightly more. This is all due to the fact that storage listing companies base their pricing structures off the number of total facilities in a given state. The more facilities, the more time and effort they must invest to keep that state’s listing up to date.

However, you can get discounted storage auction listings by using coupon codes in conjunction with certain companies that accept them. For example, Storage Auctions Kings offers a special coupon code: Auctionkings1 that subscribers can use on for 10% off their total subscription price at check-out.