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Finding Quality Mobility Equipment for a Better Quality of Life

As people become older, they face different problems that may restrict their mobility. Often, older people may need to depend on others for moving from part of the house to another, particularly if the home design consists of staircases, porches or even decks. Reliable mobility equipment is the perfect solution for physically challenged and aged people looking to overcome mobility issues.

You can purchase different types of accessibility devices matching the specific décor and style of your building. Leading manufacturers offer numerous types of mobility devices suitable for individual users. These allow seniors to become independent and feel safe while moving from place to another.

Types of Mobility Equipment

As popular manufacturers offer unique types of mobility devices, it is always advisable to select a specific type of device matching individual requirements. Most of the devices are equipped with superior features and technical specifications. Below mentioned are the different types of mobility devices –

• Elevators – Elevators enable mobility challenged individuals to move freely from one floor to another. These are also used to move heavy goods between the different floors of a house. Leading manufacturers offer elevator models equipped with standard features such as safety sensors, automatic leveling, emergency alarm and stop button, lockable control panel, elevator door interlocks, in-use indicator lights on hall station and slack rope safety system. Top models of elevators include Savaria Eclipse, Cambridge Elevating Cambrian, Federal Elevator Renaissance, and Savaria Infinity.

• Wheelchair lifts – These devices allow wheelchair users and others with mobility issues to access the different levels of a building. They are essential when a ramp or elevator is not a feasible option. Wheelchair lifts come in different models and these include inclined platform wheelchair lifts and vertical platform lifts. Some of the top models include Multilift, V1504, ES-125, Delta and Omega.

• Stair lifts – These devices can be used by mobility challenged people who have difficulty in moving up and down the stairs. These lifts can be customized to fit any type of staircase. Straight stair lifts can be installed in homes with straight stairs and the top models include Savaria SL-1000, B.O7 and Bruno Electra Ride Elite. On the other hand, curved stair lifts can be fitted in curved or winding stairs. Savaria Acorn 180, Bruno Electra Ride –III and Savaria Stairfriend are curved stair lift models.

• Ceiling lifts – These are used to transfer weak elderly persons from the bed to a wheelchair or from the bed to the bathroom. They are safe and easy to use and are a great option for seniors who cannot transfer themselves or need assistance. Moreover, they help to overcome mobility barriers while keeping the floor space free. Top models include HM2500 Series Track Systems, C-300 and 2000 Series Track-to-Track Systems.

Locate a Reliable Dealer

Locate a reliable and established dealer before selecting any accessibility equipment.

• Browse online to find different suppliers dominating the market.
• Make a clear comparison of product models with respect to their features, specifications, warranty and cost.
• Choose from a wide range of products.
• Select suitable products matching individual needs and requirements.
• Analyze post purchase support offered such as installation, inspection, repair and maintenance services.

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