Finding The Balance

Life is full of ups and downs even for those who were born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths. There are always struggles as well as challenges that need to be faced and overcome. There are also times that life just loses meaning. The clear light and path that you trod so passionately disappears. In your mind the clear purpose that you once had just is not there. The sun in your mind seems blocked with nothing that can light it up.

However, there are times that you know what you were born to do. You know that there is nothing that can come in your way that you cannot deal with. You can feel the energy that is your dreams flow through you. There is nothing that the world may want to throw at you that can survive. You are immune to all the world negative energy you are free.

In a world that these two extremes are so prevalent then the question to ask is how do you find the balance? The times of good and bad will come but how are you going to live through them without being thrown from one to the other. This is what is bothering me trying to get this balance. Where I am ready and able to deal with the things that are going to come is some shape of form to me.

The answer that I have is real simple and some can see it as a joke. It is something that you often hear all the time but never really listen and internalize it. That is Being Yourself; the truth is if we all stuck to who we really are then the crises that we face would not have that much effect on us. We are created in such a unique way that we can survive and deal with anything that comes. The problem that we face is that we do not believe in ourselves enough to know that.

There was a man by the name of Napoleon Hill who said that “Whatever a man can conceive in his/her mind and believe then he can achieve it. “ Therefore, saying in short that you are capable to live without always moving from crises to crises. The power to get the balance that you need in your own life is up to you.

This simple truth is really powerful; however there are those who do not know it. Those that even if you told them would not believe it. They would rather blame circumstance instead of taking charge and being their true self. In life storms are going to come that is a given whether you be powerful or powerless great or mediocre big or small. There is no one who is immune but there are those who thrive no matter the weather. Ask yourself why, they never try to be anyone other than themselves. Following their heart when their minds say No!

The only way that you can find balance is by making sure that you are YOU. The reason is simply that there you never change you are always you there way your mother gave life to you.