Finding The Best Beanbag Lap Stand for Tablets

As a bit of a technology geek, I have an iPad tablet, a Kindle Fire and a smart phone that I use at home. And that does not even count all the computers in the house! I actually end up spending more time on the tablets than the computers since I can easily take them anywhere with me. This includes sitting out on the patio out back to lounging on the couch at night. Of course, sometimes I get tired of holding the tablets in my hands, which is why I set out to find the perfect adjustable tablet stand for the bed and lap.

You see, I wanted something that I could put in my lap and be able to see the screen no matter how I was sitting or lying down. But, I also wanted to be able to go hands free by being able to place it on the night stand or coffee table with no real issues. And, after evaluating several different options both online and in some local electronics stores. I think that I have found the perfect solution – at least for me.

I discovered that you can buy tablet stands with a bean bag bottom. The cool thing about this type of device is that it really does conform to the surface that is it sitting on. Granted, it is not the most attractive option available, but it is the only way I’ve found to be able to lie down and still be able to easily see the screen of my iPad without having to actually hold it up. That makes your arms tired after a while!

My Favorite Bean Bag Tablet Stand

I think that the very best option for the money is the LAP PRO Universal Beanbag Lap Stand by Renegade Concepts .It seems to regularly sell for under $30 and it works so well! So far, I have tested it on the couch and bed as well as on my coffee stable and bedside table. The way that the bottom molds to whatever you sit it on really works wonders for being able to see the screen easily.

Another cool thing about this adjustable tablet stand is that it doubles as a carrying case and a travel pillow. Of course, you can really only use it as a pillow when you do not have your tablet in it! Otherwise, it would make for very uncomfortable sleeping!

In the time that I have been using this thing, I have really grown to love it. In fact, I am not sure how I ever lived with out it.