Finding the Best Doctor for You

Finding the best doctor for you isn’t always an easy task. Your health is precious and that makes the doctor-patient relationship a very special relationship. The only relationship that’s more personal than the doctor-patient is the relationship with a significant other. We open up to doctors about painful and sometimes embarrassing issues. We trust them to honor the doctor-patient privacy policy and to keep our issues private. Though it’s not always possible, we hope doctors will have a pill that heals all of our ills and allows us to get on with our lives. All of these things make it that much more important to find the doctor that’s best for you. So let me share some ways to go about finding the best doctor for you.

Get Referrals

Get referrals from family and friends. People like to talk about the service they get whether it’s good or bad. You have to be careful with this approach because some people have to always one-up everyone else, no matter what. These people will tell you everything that they touch turns out to be pure gold. Including their doctor. They may actually believe what they’re telling you but is it true? And then there are those people that can’t be pleased. Doctors probably think of them as patients from… well you get the point. You have to be able to weed all of these people out and hear the voices of reason among your friends and family. If you have a friend or family member that works in the medical profession, ask them if there was a doctor that they would recommend. They have connections in the medical field and are privy to information about people in the healthcare industry that the average person wouldn’t know.

Angie’s List

You can also check doctors out through the web based service rating website Angie’s List. On Angie’s List, customers rate the service they get from the people they do business with including doctors. If you find a doctor that you’re interested in, go online to see if you can find anything about him/her on Angie’s List.

Interview the Doctor

Try to arrange an interview with any doctor that you’re interested in becoming your doctor. Be prepared to pay for an office visit if the doctor agrees to an interview. Have pre written questions in order to make the best of the time and so that you don’t forget anything. Take this opportunity to observe the doctor’s mannerisms and demeanor. Do the same with the office staff. Does the doctor and his staff seem to be friendly and professional? Try to determine if you and the doctor will be on the same page when he explains a diagnosis and treatment to you. That’s not an easy thing to do in an interview setting but it’s better to try to find out in an interview rather than during an actual diagnosis and treatment.

Personal Experiences

Our 91 year old mother was very sick and losing a lot of weight. Her doctor waved it off due to old age. One of my nieces suggested that we take our mother to her doctor for a second opinion. She had been raving about how good he was so my sister and I agreed and scheduled an appointment. The new doctor walked in and greeted everyone warmly. He appeared to become very concerned the second he looked at our mother. In less than five minutes he had completed a few quick checks and told us to take our mother to the emergency room at the local hospital.

The Doctor Knows Best

The hospital ran test that night and admitted her to the Intensive Care Unit due to severe dehydration. The next morning the doctors looked at the test results and told us that our mother had an advanced case of Cancer. She began an intense treatment program and lived for a little more thatn a year after that. I’m convinced that we wouldn’t have had that year if we hadn’t listened to our niece and switched doctors. What are some other things you can do to find the best doctor for you?