Finding the Best Home Theater Speakers – You Can't Get Great Sound Without Great Speakers!

When it comes to getting the best home theater speakers on the market today, you don’t necessarily have to purchase an entire home theater package to get the great speakers that you want. Many home theater systems allow for you to incorporate your own speakers through the base equipment, meaning you can get your own speakers to get that unique sound you crave in your home. So what options are there when it comes to great independent speakers?

Sony SS-B1000

When it comes to the best home theater speakers, you may have to look no further than the Sony SS-B1000. These are a pair of bookshelf speakers, often under $60, offer 120 watts of power each with advanced woofers and tweeters for awesome performance. These speakers simply are able to affordably give you the coverage that your current system might be lacking.

Polk Audio TSi300

When it comes to having the best home theater speakers, you need to start off with having your front channels sound better than awesome, and this Polk speaker is able to do exactly that for you. Built for value and sound quality, you can push through 150 watts through your front channels for under $200. Adding to this speaker’s versatility is the fact that it is a floor model, meaning you can literally place it wherever you need to in order to perfect your room’s surround sound effect.

Infinity Primus

If you’re looking to increase your expectations of your home theater system, then you need to invest in one of the best home theater speakers on the market today with the Infinity Primus model. This three way floor model speaker simply provides the best mid-range sound obtainable on the market today, you’ll hear the sounds as they were meant to be recorded – crisp, clean, and without interference. You simply cannot find a better speaker providing audio accuracy on the market today.

Klipswitch Sub 12-HG

Great sound comes from having a great subwoofer, so if you’re looking to upgrade or simply want one of the best subwoofers on the market, then look no further than this Klipswtich. What makes this subwoofer one of the best home theater speakers is its ability to provide 650 watts of down-firing deep bass goodness. Equipped with an additional 350 watt amplifier, you’ll be able to have your windows and your teeth rattling.

Don’t be fooled into believing that only the best home theaters come in packages – simply purchasing the best home theater speakers for your home and wiring them into your own unique system is often the most affordable and most effective means of getting the best sound possible out of your home entertainment system.