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Finding the Best in Wireless Surround Sound Systems – Get Auditory Bliss Without Draining Your Savings

When it comes to home entertainment, one simply cannot have complete surround sound pleasure without having wireless surround sound systems hooked into your packaged. When it comes to the best in wireless surround sound systems, you can certainly spend a fortune on a huge package, or you could spend what your budget can afford to still get ear popping pleasures every time you sit back and enjoy your home entertainment system. So what system combines the features you need with the price you want?

The Phillips HTS5506

When it comes to the best in wireless surround sound systems, the Phillips HTS5506 simply destroys its competition in both quality and price. Included with the wireless surround sound system is a MediaConnect 3D Blu-Ray player, allowing you the best of today’s technology at the best of today’s prices. Equipped with 5.1 surround sound, the included DTS-HD audio codec transfers reproduce flawless sound from any soundtrack, meaning anything that you watch on with this system will simply have the best sounds in the market today.

An Impressive Stage With Just 6 Speakers

Many wireless surround sound systems need 10 of more speakers to accomplish what the Phillips HTS5506 can accomplish with just six. This means that this is the best of the wireless surround sound systems with just five satellites and one passive subwoofer, meaning that you are getting cinematic quality sound with bass thumping goodness at a quality price. Never again will you have to go out and get gum stuck on your shoe in order to enjoy a movie in its full auditory glory!

The Features You Want

Another reason why the Phillips HTS5506 is the best of the wireless surround sound systems today is that with the included Blu-Ray player you gain access to Net TV and can easily stream movies from your online line subscriptions, such as Netflix, Vudu, Hulu Plus, or even FilmFresh. In addition, you can stream music and listen to internet radio stations at the touch of the button with the outstanding audio this system provides at just the touch of a button.

Connect Your PC

With Phillips MediaConnect, your PC screen is emulated onto your television screen. That means that with this, the best in wireless surround sound systems, you can completely surf the internet in surround sound. You can play your dedicated PC games in surround sound from your television. You can work on your sales presentation on a 46′ screen instead of a 17′ screen if you so desire. You can even network socially from your television with MediaConnect if that is up your alley and watch family videos in stunning surround sound. Your options are literally limitless with this design.

So when it comes to finding the best in wireless surround sound systems, look no further than the Phillips HTS5506 which gives you an impressive surround sound stage with just six speakers, all the features you want in modern technology, and all at a price that you can easily afford.

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