Finding the Most Healthy Fruit and Vegetables

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Fruit and vegetables are certainly part of a healthy diet,

But here are some tips you may not know to make sure your family get the most healthy fruit and vegetables.

HealthyTip 1: Buy Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables you buy out of season have been specially stored to make them available all year round. Although this is certainly convenient it does mean the fresh apple or orange you see in the store may be months old. Not a nice thought as although out of season fruits and vegetables have been kept in a way that makes them safe to eat the storage process can decrease the health benefits of eating fresh food. Why? Because the storage process can decrease the amount of important Finding the Most Healthy Fruit and Vegetables, Seekytnutritional factors, such as vitamins. So an out-of-season orange may have a lot less vitamin C than an in-season orange.

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This makes the healthiest option is to find out which fruits and vegetables are in-season in your area. You can ask at your greengrocers or you can search for this information on Google.

Although fresh is best frozen vegetables can be a suitable option when you are short of time. Just make sure you don’t thaw them out before cooking them and avoid leaving them in the freezer for too long.

Healthy Tip 2: See the Rainbow

When you are buying your fruit and vegetables think about color. The more colorful your fruit and vegetables are in your meals the healthier your family will be. This is because by choosing a rainbow of fruits and vegetables you’ll be eating a broader range of healthy nutrients.

Healthy Tip 3: Go Shopping Often

Buying your seasonal fruit and vegetables more than once per week will help keep things fresh. When you buy fewer fruit and vegetables more often you won’t have unappetizing looking (and less fresh) apples and celery at the end of the week.

Photo: ‘Fruit & vegetable basket’ by muammerokumus Flickr. Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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Finding the Most Healthy Fruit and Vegetables, Seekyt
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